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I had my first ‘Mentor Retreat’ this weekend. My intention with this new type of event, was to have a small group, so we could really hang out all weekend, relaxing and doing art. We could craft dreams and art-wishes and I could put my years of experience to great use.

Here we are having dinner at Miss Margarita’s in Byron Bay. Laurie Caradonna, Denise Noney and Coral Lee. Each one a talented artist!


‘The Mentorees’ stayed in the newly finished guesthouse. We call that space the Sanctuary… and it really is just that. A haven. Especially with the huge wooden table we have that can comfortably fit a fair few artists all making a mess!


We worked in several places all around the Nest, catching the breezes. From my Studio, to the front deck at sunset. I made a big  outside lounge area next to the art tables full of supplies.

mentor-jane-davenport-awesomeI found a little illuminated sign that you can customise with your own message. I planned on ‘Welcome to the Nest!’….guess who set this one up for me? Angus told me it was very difficult to change, but maybe that’s just his way of making sure it stays like this.

It’s definitely a  true statement, so I think I should leave it don’t you?



Early on Saturday morning my beautiful yoga instructor Kathy Quinn arrived and everyone got a chance to stretch and breathe. Moving under the trees and stepping out of ‘real life’. Kathy teaches so gently and never pushes anyone beyond their comfort zone. I have found that yoga has made such a difference to my own life, and I like to share this gift of breathe with others.


And it definitely worked because the artwork that flowed for our two days was fabulous!
IMG_8346 mentor-jane-davenport-lauriecaradonna IMG_8348 IMG_8344We covered a lot of ground in the lessons, and also chatted a lot about an artful life, and being a professional artist and teacher.

These three girls are set to do amazing things with their art, and I will be cheering them on! What a wonderful thing it is to be part of another person’s journey. Especially their creative journey. It’s a connection that lasts beyond the time we spend together. I cherish seeing friendships form in my classrooms , be they digital, or real-world.

I even got a little chance to start on some artwork myself!

My ‘EPIC’ pen ( gets better and better and better) and coloured pencils ( prismas of course!). mentor-jane-davenport-sketch

( coloured Pencils and MEPXY markers – loving them so much I am adding them to our store!)

I loved sharing my space with easy-to-adore people. And my little doglettes loved it too.
( as you can see from the pic, Tinsel still keeps a close eye on the pup. Gesso will be bigger than her soon, so Tinsel is doing her best to show her who is the second in command now!Moo is the oldest, biggest, quietest and the boss, and she loves having a ‘pack’. )
doglettes- jane davenport 213I hope you have some easy-to-adore people in your life that you hang out with this week!



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  • Katherine Tyrrell

    Hi Jane – thanks for your comment on my blog. I’ve been meaning to find out who is the author I’m rubbing shoulders with on Amazon! 🙂

    Great to see it’s another huge fan of coloured pencils and even better that it’s an Australian! (I’ve got close family living in Australia!)

    Love the website and the videos – they look absolutely fabulous. Plus the enthusiasm is infectious! Have great fun with your workshops – I’m sure you’ll have many people wanting to give them a go and anything that gets people drawing has got to be good!

    Do have a look at it when it gets to Australia – I’d like to know what you think.

  • Jody Ward

    Soooooo jealous! …. my turn will come! x

  • Jane's Mum Lizzo

    Around every corner of Jane’s life ,home and personality you will discover a treasure.
    She is so talented it amazes me and it is a privilege to admire her beautiful work let alone be her mother .And Angus is awesome so the sign must stay. Liz

  • Di Spediacci

    Looks like an amazing weekend. It was great to see all the fabulous art that was created. Jane you and Angus do such a great job.

  • peta thompson

    Oh Jane what a beautiful timme you all had. Im wondering if you are doing this again this year as ive told hubby thats my wish for this year. To hang out with you in byron for a few days
    . Im hoping to catch up with you at the brisbane craft expo if you are there again this year. Id love to sit down and show you some of what i do!

    • Jane Davenport

      Hi Peta, under retreats you will see the two workshops I have planned for Byron this year. I hope you join us!

  • Kat Lakie

    Thanks for sharing some of the art, fun and wonder from what looks like it was a great weekend. I hope I’m lucky enough to make it to one sometime. <3

  • Coral

    Still feeling blissful and overflowing with ideas after our weekend together. Already working on a project we discussed and fiercely determined to take big flying leaps of courage and faith and hard work after the art talk we had. Those moments were so special – to be able to discuss our dreams with you in such a private way. Your faith in us and your passionate encouragement means I came away from the weekend knowing my big wild crazy art dreams are possible. And you’ve got me dreaming about the very big picture, not just my dreams for this year. Thank you to you and Angus for welcoming us into your private Sanctuary and taking care of us. And to Moo, Tinsel and Gesso who constantly kept us company and helped us not miss our own fur babies so much. The Mentor Retreat was an experience I will treasure forever and I know it was a huge signpost on my art path. A defining moment. A turning point. And a little nudge from the universe.

    Oh Jane, for that – I adore you. xo

    • Jane Davenport

      love you Coral – and the way you write! You are beautiful in every way!

    • Robyn Wood

      Such beautiful words Coral! I loved seeing the pics over the weekend and reading your post Jane – looks like an amazing time was had by all. and yes Angus is AWESOME! I guess you might need another lightbox to use for all those other messages;)
      I look forward to seeing how each of the girls grow and realise their dreams after their time with you.

  • Kerry Sinigaglia

    So flip’n fabulous s ladies …and gentleman. 😉 Okay Angus….we ALL know you are awesome. lol. Without a doubt.

    Now…..what a spectacularly artful weekend it must have been Jane. So much talent and love ooooooozing from every pore from all that where participating in such a spectacular event. Oooohey-gooohey—kisses and hugs to all….even Angus. He can wipe the Gooheyness off later. lol 😉

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