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Is this really happening? My book is #1 in Painting on Amazon.
#1 in Mixed Media.
#1 in Human Figure Drawing.
It won’t last forever, so I am relishing and cherishing these rankings as they happen. Celebrate the moments.

There are 63 five star reviews. WOW.  The reviews are just so helpful to people wondering if the book is the right fit for them. I love reading them!I am so appreciative of everyone who has left a review, and I believe that those reviews are what is fueling the books success so far, or having a big impact at any rate.

You can see it them here:

  • Even if you didn’t get the book from Amazon, you can still  leave your own ‘helpful-to-others’ review too if you like – I would sure appreciate it! Most bad reviews  that books get on Amazon seem to stem from the person having misunderstood what they were ordering and being disappointed. Your review is independent, and can help people get the book they are after.
  • ( You can get signed copies of the book from me: here!)
  • I planned and designed every element of my book. I was meticulous. I looked at it from my students point-of-view, and kept what would be most helpful as the main focus. It’s the same way I plan my workshops. But I never thought it would go to #1 in it’s categories. Never. I mean , how many awesome art books are there in the world? There hasn’t even been any publicity yet!
  • My next wish for my book is that it gets picked up in other languages… I would love to see translations of it around the world!


And while I am in the dreaming and wishing mood:

  • I really want to add to my own art supply range. I know a thing or two about teaching people how to embrace their creative selves, and there are some tweaks I would make to some of my favourite top quality artist’s materials  to get them working better for me and for my favourite peeps in the world ( my students!).
  • I have my fab set of Peerless watercolours, my Stencils with artistcellar and my OWN PEN is on the way…
    But there is so much more to share. So there Universe, do with that what you will!


Today I am working in my studio, reorganising things as my new studio lights have arrived ( they are fancy schmancy!).  I LOVE organising my space! I have already gone through that horrible messy phase where despair and angst of why I ever started  moving everything around. I’m in the “Oh man! this is going to be Freakin AWESOME!” phase.

In other news, my Supplies Me workshop is going so, so well. I keep saying it, but I attract fantastic people. It’s a total arty party in the forums, artwork is pouring in, everyone is chatting and having a ball. We all are mad about art supplies you see. We all have Rainbowitis. It’s great fun – you should join us if you haven’t already!

I hope you have a few FReakiN AwesoME phases of your own this weekend!





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    • moongirl

      I just received your book in the mail yesterday and cannot wait to get started!

    • Jules

      Dear Jane -This week I received your gorgeous book & its BEAUTIFUL ! …. Congrats on all the success so far , & I know there is so much more to come for you. You deserve every piece of it .Your are an inspiration .Wishing you great success & happy creating. Love Jules x

    • june fahey

      Sooo thrilled for you Jane.I bought thebook fo myself and my niece.Lovely to see awonderful and talented person have success

    • Elsie

      Jane, Dear! While I am glad you feel our reviews are helpful, the truth is that the success is really fueled by the quality of your writing, your teaching style, and the sense of having a fantastic time while teaching/writing the book! Your spirit that comes forth in the book and in your courses and videos is infectious and you convince us all that we can draw/paint it too! Doing a “Happy Dance” for you!

      • Jane Davenport

        Hi Elsie, well the reviews are good because I put the work in I guess! lol! its a win-win circle of art!

    • Carolyn Shearer

      Hi Jane. Your book is awesome I love it. But you forgot to sign it for me 🙁

      • Jane Davenport

        oh dear, that’s unusual, Angus and I are usually so careful with orders. I usually sign on page before the contents pages. Angus will email you with some ideas.

    • Miriam

      congratulations Jane !!! totally love this book, looking forward to the next one

    • jane carlisle

      Your wonderful book is a reflection of a truly adorable person Jane! xxx

    • Suellen

      Fantastic Jane. Well deserved – the things you do are awesome. Like many others I started painting again after taking your workshop. I love it and am forever grateful. Your enthusiasm is infectious and so is “rainbowitis”. Your art supply range will be awesome too.

    • Steve Falcioni

      Amazing news Jane. I’m super impressed and pleased for you. Xxx

    • Carmen Fitzgerald

      Just adore your book, you are one of the reasons I picked up my art again after a break of about 20 years, now there is hardly a day goes by when I am not creating something in one form or another, love you and a big thank you for being an amazing teacher and wonderful human being xxx

      • Jane Davenport

        thank you Carmen – and keep on creating! It’s the best, right?

    • Jane Davenport

      Thank you dear Shelley = I hope you get more joy from the book as you go!

    • Shelley Yoshiwara

      Your book is FABULOUS !! I’m 62 years old and have always been a very creative person but not so much when it comes to drawing things and especially a face!! I signed up for Lifebook 2015 did my first eyes ever with Tam!! Found out about you, ordered your book and just love the way you break it down , your idea of just practicing the happy face, your explanation of supplies are, and your colors are right up my alley!! I know I’ve posted to you about it but your book to me is just that good and I’m so happy that your #1 on Amazon it’s a great book and for that I say again thank you ! I’m practicing my happy faces!! Shelley

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