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This post has a little bit of everything in it! There’s lots going on around the Nest…

What keeps me busiest is producing all the new videos and content for ‘Supplies Me’. Hooo Boy, I won’t hold back in telling you it is ‘lookin mighty awesome… Here is a still from the Pastels episodes. Look at those colours… nom, nom, nom.

Feb- jane davenport 214

The peeps that are enrolled in this online workshop are as obsessed with art supplies as I am, so we are having  a fine time ogling rainbows and creating a ton of arty goodness!

You can still join in: click here

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I have also just finished creating my Lesson for Lifebook. This is the fourth session of this wonderful experience and I have been there since the beginning!

Here is a little sneaky peeky of my lesson:
Drawing on the Inner World
Feb- jane davenport 225My lesson goes up in March.
You can still join here: Click here to view more details

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I’ve welcomed 2015 with a ‘bit’ of re-organising in my Studio and Office. I needed more of my favourite colour exposed. I call this particular shade of light aqua ‘Bali Blue’ because it’s the colour of tropical water over white sand. It lives right between turquoise and mint. (My mother collects blue glass objects, so maybe I got this particular obsession with my favourite colour from her? )

Last Christmas I painted an old desk in this delish colour. It has been in my studio looking divine, but I moved it up to my office. One of my aims this year is to stand up more while I am working, so Angus made two plinths for the table to stand on to bring it up to bench height.

I need some storage under there, so I decided that this old Alex set of drawers from Ikea would be ideal. But they just didn’t look right. they need some Bali Blue. So I mentally whinged about all the prep work needed to paint it.

Feb- jane davenport 217And then this arrived! It’s really wide washy tape and in ‘my’ blue!  I always order a few cute washi tapes in for the store as little pressies for my customers, and this snuck it’s way in to the parcels… and arrived as I was pondering the drawers.

Feb- jane davenport 219

So I decided to put the two together and see if magic would happen!

Feb- jane davenport 215 Feb- jane davenport 216and I love it! Feb- jane davenport 220

I ordered more and got some extra for the shop too, just in case you want to try it out.

click here

I’ll show you pics of everything when I’m done!

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I will leave you on this sunny day with some pics of my doglettes.
The swell has been big and we all go with Angus on his ‘surfin safaris.

Tinsel and Gesso are Pomeranians and Moo is a ‘Lhasa Moodle ‘ ( Lhasa Apso dad, Maltese/Poodle mum).
They are such good girls when we go for a walk. I love being part of the pack!Feb- jane davenport 222

This is Tinsel. She is such a little princess.
She has finally accepted that the puppy is here to stay.
Everyone pretends to obey her.

Feb- jane davenport 223Here is Gesso the Great.
What a top little dog she is. So bright and affectionate.
She dances around on her hind legs, loves watermelon and sleeps on my desk while I work.
When I do yoga and am in a resting pose she sits on my head .

Feb- jane davenport 224So that is all my news for today!



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  • Jennifer Edgar

    Sorry Jane and Linda finger trouble Linda’s surname is Gooch

  • Jennifer Edgar

    Love the post what a wonderful world the nest is. I’m very excited today as my friend Linda Gouch has signed up for supplies me, Yay!

  • Kerry Sinigaglia

    Of course all those art supplies look delicious. LOVE the tape idea. And your fur-babies are a just adorable. I’m picturing Gesso sitting on your head during yoga. hehehe 🙂

  • Donna Walsh
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