I broke Amazon

 In The Book

So, my book has sold out on Amazon.

That’s right. SOLD OUT.
( or as Kim Kardashian would say”I broke Amazon” –  lol!)

It all happened pretty quickly. The books have only been available from Amazon for the last few weeks. But, seeing this was going to happen, my publishers at Quarry organised a second printing. The next edition will be ‘Made in America’ , so get your order in ASAP.

I have books in my store though! I’m the only one in Australia who has them ( smart cookie, me!).
You can get it here: https://www.instituteofcute.com/beautiful-faces-book/
They are signed, and if you get the workshop at the same time, you have a 10% discount built in and free domestic shipping! Lovely!

Australia Post is in charge of international shipping from my store. It is expensive, but equally, all international shipping is expensive! I wish I could fly  around the earth sprinkling books and art supplies wherever I go, but, Santa is hogging all the magical reindeer. So postage is what it is I’m afraid. Please don’t lament about it as it is totally out of my control ( go harass Father Christmas for not lending me the flying sleigh!).

The Aussie dollar has taken a nosedive, which means if you in the USA, UK or EU, everything in the Land Down Under just got a lot cheaper. So that will offset the international postage. Also, you may as well have a shop-up, because it costs just as much for us to send the book, as it does to send the book plus a whole bunch of art supplies! Get the new Jane Davenport edition EPIC Platinum Carbon pen.  Get some Journal covers. Get my Peerless watercolours. Treat yourself!

epic pen jane davenport


before they run out again,  order my book on Amazon:

Oh, and did I tell you my work is featured in Pam Carrikers new book? Well I am featured in Pam’s new book! You can get it here:

And I have work in Dawn De Vries Sokol’s  new book too. This has tons of journal artists in it!:

Thank you for reading my ramblings. I hope you have a GREAT weekend!

xoxox Jane / Danger!

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  • Suzanna Dunn

    I pre-ordered the book on Amazon – yeah! I absolutely love the book, especially your brilliant use of color and variety of personalities in your figures. Thanks so much for sharing your techniques!

  • TwinkleToes2day

    I’m happy – nay – delighted, to say that Amazon told me my purchase should be with me tomorrow! 😀 Happy happy me!! 😀

  • Elsa Mikus

    There is a copy of your book selling for over $110 on Amazon!

  • Elsa Mikus

    Just checked Amazon for something else. I had your book in my shopping cart before it went out of stock, but didn’t process the order.

  • Ellie

    Jane, I got one from Barnes and Noble books in the US. You can order online or pick one up in the store — which I did! Absolutely in love with it!!!! (I don’t know if it makes a difference between Amazon and a bookseller like Barnes and Noble.)

  • Elsie Hickey-Wilson

    Oooooo! Doing the happy dance for you and your marvelous new book! I can take a wee bit of the blame….I’ve been showing my copy to all my friends and everyone wants one! Love my set of Peerless

  • Hyacinth Steele

    I pre-ordered my copy from Fishpond. I hope I get it. I’m saving up for the Supplies me course too. Thanks for blessing us with a fantastic book 🙂

  • Christina Carnoy

    I preordered mine so I got it ages ago! And I read it in 2 days and LOVED IT!!!!!! Really lovely book, very well-written!!!

  • Gena

    Good for you! I got mine! I really want those watercolors….hmmmm goin shoppin I think!

  • Anahy Britto

    I am very happy for you Jane! But I wanted your book caught sea currents, like a goldfish, and crossed the Indian Ocean and south atlantic and come to my beach Garden of Allah, here in Brazil. Here nothing of his book to get! Sniff!

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