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There are some WONDERFUL videos popping up on Youtube and Instagram and Fb featuring my new collection.

This one is from By Bun who posts videos daily.

I love her, and her fun style of vlogging. Her art is absolutely fantastic and I am so thrilled to see my dear Mermaid Markers put to such great use. Bun’s review has some very useful tips. (Click to subscribe to her channel!)

You can see more about my Mermaid Markers here: click
If you are in the USA or Canada, you can try your local Michaels store: but they are selling out all over, so patience may be required. #worththewait




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  • Susan Cherry

    I’m a new (OLD) JD fan. Celebrated my 72nd bday on 22jan. been an artist/mom to 6 for about 40+years. (artist, not Mom, I think I remember my kids ages…maybe)within the last year had a stroke. hung up the paintbrushes. finito. el endo. then I came across JD. a week after my birthday. scrambled to get some of her new fab supplies. And Now I’m Painting. realio trulio painting. Happy me. Thanks JD.

  • sjazan

    Jane, I missed the information about your new site.
    How do I find it and what’s the address?
    I can’t seem to finish subscribing, as I get bounced out.
    I don’t have a browser that supports captcha, and that seems to be the problem.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to take the MM Collection workshop if possible. Let me know what I need to do.
    Many thanks,
    Sherrie Jazan

  • Elsie

    Oooooo! obsessed for sure! I knew they should be there, as I walked around my local Michaels ( Middleton, Wisconsin, USA) then suddenly there they were on a lovely end cap display! The impulse was to grap one of everything…..yes we ” Jane Fans” are that way. But my purse had better idea….”.Use the coupons” it whispered. So far I have one of the two watercolor kits ( getting the other one next time), the pen (WOW! it is great!), and the two acrylic paint sets and the marker set in the waterbrushes! Also that yummy paper pack! That was in two different days! Tried the marker waterbrushes today and love the juicy colors and the variety of strokes you can get with them! Obsessed? Yes! But also impressed with the quality and the juicy colors! Thank you Jane!

  • Roxanne

    Thank-you so much again Jane for sharing my video!! and YAAAAAASSSS…I am still totally obsessed over those markers!

  • lilbearbluz@me.com

    Oh I love when two of my favorite people come together!

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