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I wanted to celebrate the new Mixed Media collection with American Crafts, so what better way to do that than with something I LOVE doing, that’s available to everyone, everywhere.

So I am creating a special free online Video Series and workshop for you that not only showcases every part of my Mixed Media Collection, but also showed you the inspiration and intention behind each item. My wish is that this is a springboard for your own ideas and imaginings!

So we started on  Jane-uary 10th PST

Click here to join and or just find out more!


Lessons are underway!

I will be adding lesson as we go every other day or so, until I am finished! It’s an open ended plan. I might add more lessons when I have new products one day too! Wouldn’t that be lovely?

You can join anytime and see the lessons, after I initially deliver them, whenever you like! You need to go through our ‘checkout process’ with your details, so we can get all we need to set you up with a profile in the classroom.

There is a Facebook Group to share what you create and all things ‘Jane Davenport’ related – like my book, publications and whatever comes along in the future.

Click here to join and or just find out more!

Come join us!




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  • Tara

    Hi Jane, thank you so very much for this lovely class. Getting to know you, and your products. I’ve only a few, and I’m told more on on their way. But are they? I’ve been back and forth to two stores, about 40 miles apart. They must think I’m mad! Oh well, aren’t we all just a tad bit? Just wondering if you, the lovely wonderful woman who made this all possible would have any inside info about these items, especially the watercolor’s …..yummy.. I’d love to be able to use your supplies yet I suppose I’m on queue! So, please, if you have any info, I’d love it. If it’s a case of them making them and they’re being snatched up faster than they can make them, well that’s awfully wonderful and exciting for you. Not so much for myself. But, I do want to thank you for the wonderful videos, which you most certainly did not have to do! Xoxox Best to you, and all you do Tara

  • heidi

    I love the videos but I have to say that I watched the one today on the boho girls, and they are definitely not at all geared for a beginner in any way. I do realize you have to make these videos for all levels of artists, so I understand that, but as a beginner, there is NO way I could possibly do this. Also, unless you have ALL of your products, you do not let anyone know how to reproduce your things without your products……… i get it, it is to sell your products, and I have several, but my Michaels does not have the paints, the paint over pens, the markers so I stuck with the butterfly book and the accesories there………..
    So far I love your products, but I am not learning much from your videos beyond the butterfly effect videos.
    Wish I could find something more geared for a beginner mixed media artist, or even just for learning anything.

    • Jane

      Hi Heidi, I try so very hard in everything I do and the class is a free gift, and an opportunity to see how I use my collection and join in a community of like-minded creatives and have a bit of fun.I’m glad you liked at least part of it! I do have a beginner class called ‘Draw Happy’ that you may find helpful. I hope you enjoy your JDMM products! xoxox Jane

  • Kim Williams

    Signed up for the free class. Received my confirmation. I never got the Facebook invite. Hoping I can still get to view the class.

    • Jane

      Make sure to check our Help pages – You can Acess the Facebook Group invite from the Classroom for the free workshop

  • Annette

    Thank you for giving this free workshop. I don’t have some of your art supplies yet, but I know a dutch webshop will sell them next month. So I hope I can buy some of the supplies in february. They look so beautiful.
    I hope to learn from your workshop and it will helps my creativity to grow.

  • Barbara

    I am sooooo excited to start this new creative journey. Got almost all of your new goodies!!!!

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