I forgot!

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oops! I am in such a flurry of preparing for my next round of workshops and life in general I completely spaced on announcing a winner for the Ever After Blog Hop!


My apologies!

The winner is Kellie:

“Sleeping Beauty is perfect for you! Hair of course! Everything about this tale speaks of twining…the ivy, the locks of hair, the two lovers’ arms as they finally are united…perhaps let Beauty wake up as an artist? …”

Thank you Kellie – I love that last idea! Going to sleep and waking up as the artist of your dreams ? A true fairy tale for sure. The reality is a *little* different  (there is a lot of joyful practice to be done!).

I would like to sleeeeeeep, be kissed awake and be able to speak French.  Ooh la la! Passez le croissant! (Like The Matrix… but without a spike to the brain.. “I know Kung Fu”).

If you want to join the arty fairytale crew in Ever after, then step this way:
Click here to view more details:
Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 9.59.15 PM


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  • Cindi

    I bought your book, “Beautiful Faces”…and I LOVE it! So beautiful and colourful, too! 🙂

  • Sue

    I just got the “beautiful faces” book! I am loving it and you! I have followed you for quite some time now and just wish I lived where you do. Unfortunately I am about a 14 hour flight away in Victoria, BC Canada!!! Maybe I will get there one day. There aren’t enough of these types of workshops here. Scrapbook/Paper shops have disappeared from here and it’s sad. There are a few classes put on from what used to be shop owners, so we still can get our hands dirty. More watching you tube now and taking classes on there 🙂
    Anyway, wanted to say how much I adore your girls, your artwork and you!

  • Steven Codekas

    Your book, “Beautiful Faces”, is superb! I am so glad I bou8ght it!

  • Belinda

    Hello do you have any workshops/weekends planned at Byron in the near furure. I would especially like to complete a journalling or Be happy workshop . Thanks

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