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Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 12.59.28 PMA wonderful collaborative workshop about fairytales!
My fellow teachers are wonderful and we are so excited about the opportunity
of creating fun lessons about the fairytales we have each chosen.

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  • Amy

    Congratulations to Kellie!!

  • laura

    I’m new to the world of online classes, so before I jump, I wanted to make sure I understood. The class consists of watching videos, reading pdfs, and chatting and show and telling with other students on fb and other apps. Do we get to hear from instructors about our woork, as well? Thanks for helping me out!

  • Carole Cometto

    J’aimerai beaucoup développer mon style, cette atelier serai idéal mon seul souci est la langue. ET je ne suis pas forte en anglais! Pensez vous Jane que se soit raisonnable de choisir le Module 1-2?

  • Marina Lock

    Itching to further develop my style and tell my story through my art. The more I learn the more I realise just how little I know. I’m craving to open the door to a magical world of art and fairy tales, especially MERMAIDS!!! Jane, you mentioned earlier that we should comment what we would like to see you illustrate when you focus on Sleeping Beauty; I want to see you MAKE THE MAGIC VISIBLE like The Sleeping Curse or when the spell is broken with True Loves Kiss <3

  • Andrea Auletta

    I believe in Fairy tales and would love to win a chance at that workshop too! 🙂 Hope this is the right place to leave comment to enter.

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