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I’m preparing my newest workshop and I am leaping with joy about it ( seriously… wait to the end of the video!). I’ve been filming snippets for  it over the past 5 years all around the world.

Journaling is in my blood, under my skin, the apple of my eye. I create in a journal every day… but even with my prolific sensibilities, I go into a creative hyper-drive when I travel. Transit isn’t a boring time to get through… I look forward to long journeys because they are so productive. I combine travel sketching with the whimsical drawing from my imagination, ephemera I collect, photos, song lyrics, snatches of conversations, itineraries, notes and to-do lists to create a book full of my life.

It makes me more alert and open to experience. Over time I have become fearless with where and when I create. I have so much experience I want to share with you!

This class is full of my own supplies too. ( Spoiler Alert!). You don’t need to have them to join in all the lessons, but I absolutely love what I have created, so they are what I naturally reach for. So if you are looking for tips and techniques on them, you will be smiling.

Full details are here – and you can join today !

The workshop starts on October 9th.

And then has 4 weeks of lessons. But you have Lifetime access.

Will you join?

Don’t forget to use your Alumni discount ( it’s in the sidebar of all my classes – even the free Jane D Mixed Media workshop!)







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  • Kimberly

    Yeah finally!!! I’ve been waiting for this class from you seems like forever now, you’ve been hinting about it here or there for years. I am so excited for you Jane (and me too plus all my fellow davenpeeps)!!! -Kimberly from Sunny California- 🙂

  • Martha

    First, the video you’ve created for this class is awesome! Really well done!
    Second, this is exactly the course I’ve been looking for! I can’t wait! Thank you Jane!

  • kim

    cant wait for the 9th…….

  • Anna

    Wonderful! I love traveling and yet to find out how to journal and sketch during travel. Mostly sketch in uncomfortable positions, while standing, and not have people wait on me. I just signed up!!

  • Celenia

    So excited dor 10/9, already enrolled into de Voyage workshop! Can’t wait. Thank you for sharing your creativity, and all your hard work for the last few years. Hope to learn a lot from you Jane.


    I am in!!! Can’t wait–winter is coming here in Northeast Nevada so I need an escape even if it is in my imagination.

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