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I am one of the invited guest artists for The Documented Life Project.

DLP eyes- jane davenport 365The theme for the Project is this month is:

Expressive Faces

and the Journal Prompt this week is:

I can see clearly now

DLP eyes- jane davenport 362The story:

These are the journal pages that I had fun creating as I considered the prompt. I took the turmoils of a disjointed, random, messy background and bought focus to it. There were a few mis-steps along the way, a few alterations to my direction, some changes, but as I created things became clearer and more distinct. I love it when I can see my artwork emerging from the mysterious mists of imagination where it all starts, and forming edges and boundaries and shape.

i don’t tend to include much dialogue or text in my journal pages. The inner expression comes out in my art. In this case I received a clear message: the calm face looking out at me has a touch of concern in her eyes. She seems to be saying ‘Take stock of where you are now. Enjoy the moment. Look at the joy around you with clear vision.’ In the chaos and colour of life, you can always find your focus. That is what Eye can see clearly now.

About the process:

In a large hand made journal I started with a random background that was just sitting in there, waiting for such an occasion! I like to use up leftover paint and collage ephemera on random pages in my journals, so I have a little bank of backgrounds already started when I need them.
I used colour pencil to draw out the face amongst the paint and collage.
For the rest, I documented the whole process in the following video!

it shows the  new way I have been shading eyes. ( I’m always playing with my style!).

This video is about how these pages came together.
‘Eye Can see Clearly now’ – Jane Davenport


DLP eyes- jane davenport 364 DLP eyes- jane davenport 363   SUPPLIES I USED:
Prismacolor Pencils ( Dark Brown)
White China Marker
Pigma Professional Brush
Circular template
Schmincke watercolours – Jane Davenport set
Quill Neptune watercolour brush from Princeton in Size 4

DLP eyes- jane davenport 361 Thank you for joining me here to celebrate the fun of the Documented Life Project! And thank you to the girls from Art to the 5th for inviting me along.

For more examples and full instructions on how I draw my expressive faces you can join me in some of my in- depth online workshops.

The best starting point is ‘Supplies Me’. It is my Foundation Class and holds the basics for face and figure drawing as well as a slew of techniques with a wide variety of art supplies.

You can purchase signed copies of my book here:

or from Amazon here:

For more info on the Documented Life Project: click

I hope you join me in creating some expressive eyes!DLP eyes- jane davenport 360



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  • Alexandra Ward

    Hi Jane, I found your website whilst browsing for inspiration with my eldest daughter, who is about to start her GCSE art course. Wow! Talk about inspiring!? I am a stay at home mum with 4 beautiful daughters ranging from 14 down to 4 months old – I used to do a bit of creative knitting, but have found my time too limited to achieve anything satisfying in the past year. I think art could be my new ‘thing’! I used to have yarn-yearning….now I feel Rainbowmania coming on!

    We have ordered your gorgeous book and a modest pile of supplies (ahem, don’t tell my husband!?). Very excited!! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Elizabeth Tichvon

    This is amazing. I absolutely love your talent!

  • Sarah Beal

    You are a legend !!! Watching this on a Friday night (best night of the week) was my best moment of the week 🙂 can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and paint girlies – you make it look so easy, but figure the more you practice and just have fun DOING it will come more naturally – thank you so very much xxx

  • Jane Davenport

    a credit to the book or me or the workshops is always a kind thing to do – thank you so much Sandra!

  • Cindy

    I never tire of watching you paint! Beautiful! I’d love to see a video of this background! Love it!

  • Chandra

    This is a great video of the eyes! I like how they are blending into the background like she’s clear.

  • gloria

    What medium did you use for your background? Looks like possible spray plus watercolor – but then it didn’t run when you wet it – is it acrylic spray?:

  • Faith

    Always such a delight to watch you create! Thanks for sharing this video Jane.

  • Louise

    I love the idea of having the page ready for inspiration. Those eyes are GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful creative ideas. Love them all but especially love your new book.

  • Sindy Cardno

    Well…what can I say…you are inspiring ! Thank you for sharing.

  • Autumn

    Jane, this is a fantastic spread, such wonderful inspiration for this theme. Makes me want to get in my journal and play! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  • Roben-Marie

    What a lovely page and contribution to the DLP challenge! Thanks for being so generous and sharing your talents with our group. Thanks so very much for being a part of DLP…we are so thrilled to have you with us!!

  • Frosch

    Hi Jane – I’m a devoted Davenpeep too – you always make my day and bring a smile to my face – your inspiration is awesome. I also agree with Leanne – love the soundtrack, so upbeat.
    Thanks for sharing another of your beautiful ladies with us.

  • Denise Spillane


  • Rae Missigman

    This was such a fun and inspirational video to watch Jane! So very happy that you agreed to be a featured artist for our Documented Life Project! I can’t wait to try out a few of your amazing techniques!

  • Leanne

    Wow! This is great, Jane! I have a question — where can I find (and buy) the music — I need to add it to my Sunshine playlist stat!


    • Jane Davenport

      Hi Leanne, I love those tunes too! the artist is listed at the end of the video – you could ‘Shazam’ it too? I’m not sure you can purchase the songs as they are especially for video production.( I pay a licence fee for the usage.). Cheers

  • Sue Fujii

    Jane….You never cease to amaze me with your artwork. I hope the followers of the Documented Life Project check out your classes…..they won’t be disappointed. See you in class! Sue

  • Shawna

    Beautiful challenge page. Those are are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

    • Shawna

      *those eyes are amazing. 🙂

  • Raylene

    Well! This inspired me to go after making some eyes!
    The background was very intriguing!

  • Marsha Pitman


  • Sandi Keene

    What a gorgeous piece you did, Jane! Thank you so much for participating as a Featured Artist with us. The video was so inspirational!

  • Carly Stockley

    The iris shading is quite restrained and lovely, I would say the whole face was restrained too, with the busy background to contend with in getting a message across. It works an easy and intriguing balance featuring the background to its best. You do surprise me with how you change and move through technique, material, and composition. Kudos.

  • Sonya Badgley

    I always enjoy your videos! Your work is amazing and love watching you create! This piece is gorgeous, as always! I need to take another one of your classes! I learn so much from you. Thank you, Jane.

  • Alessandra Matthew

    I am a Davenpeep!! And you are awesome as always!!!

  • Cheryl Razmus

    Watching one of your videos (especially when I’ve been away from class for a while) is like breaking into my secret chocolate stash! So yummy, but no regrets later.

  • Wendy Burgess

    What a wonderful page you have created Danger. I find it so inspiring to watch you create so freely. I need to do that for my page too.

  • Joy Lowell

    They picked the right artist for Expressive Faces! Those eyes are wonderfully expressive. Your drawings of eyes are so varied and so beautiful!

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