Learning to slow down and alter your approach!

Well, let me start with how AMAZING, fun and fulfilling the week long retreat at my home and Studio at The Nest was. I feel so privileged to have worked so closely with my tight-knit group of wonderful women.  I could feel the friendships blossoming between us all. We did a TONNE of artwork and had even more laughs. I am missing Tracy, Red, Cathy and Claire  a lot today!

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.49.58 am

My decision to have just 4 Escape Artists at The Nest was the right one. I listened to my intuition and as a result the time we spent was deeply nourishing. As part of the week I came to the realisation that I needed to tune in to that ‘inner voice’ a lot more.

I need to SLOW my self imposed, high octane schedule DOWN.

My back is telling me that is the loudest way it can as I am constantly putting it ‘out’. It’s painful and annoying and I have been hobbling around. I have some FABULOUS retreats coming up in Bali, London and Paris and I don’t want back pain holding me back or distracting me. It’s clear that there must be an underlying issue, and I need to focus on getting it remedied.


I am making a few changes.


My next major workshop ‘Wonderland’ will kick off on January 4th, 2016.

I love joining my favourite things together to create something new, like I did with Mermaid Circus.

In Wonderland I am joining two GREAT loves of mine:
Alice in Wonderland

Registration will open in November
and the workshop will start on January 4th.


If you are a ‘hard-core’ Davenpeep ( love you guys SO HARD), then you know I was planning an August start. But I need to take more time so I can actually enjoy the process of creating the workshop. My apologies for any disappointment, but I ask that you continue your trust in me. The workshop will be richer, deeper and all the more inspiring  for the later start date. Your watercolours will be put to use in news  as you read on!

I am going to  approach ‘Wonderland’ in the same way I did with my book. For ‘Beautiful Faces’ I planned my time very clearly and had a realistic schedule. I cleared the decks of virtually everything else, and gave it my all. It was challenging and intense, but i LOVED the process. And the results of that clear space I built for myself certainly shows in the book.

My workshops are SO important to me. I  love creating them, and am so proud of how helpful they are for people. It brings me incredible pleasure and a sense of fulfillment to hear how well-loved and confidence-building they are.

There will be extensive information for the workshop when Registration opens.



JOYnal will now kick off as a LIVE class
September 1st.

Workshops---Headers-joynal-2This means that a lovely big group of us will all do the class together, moving through the lessons week by week, for 8 weeks. The Facebook community comes alive with gorgeous art and sharing. It’s LOTS of fun and very inspiring. It may just be the little igniting spark you need!

Alumni of JOYnal are very welcome to join in the fun again. The class then remains open for all members  indefinitely with  Forever Access.

This extensive workshop is an exploration in drawing and painting fairies, pixies, elves, mermaids and storybook heroines. We create our JOYnal in an altered book ( which is SO FUN and I show you how to create one) and we make a large Storybook journal so you can really spread your creative wings.

You can see all the info here: click
There are no pre-requisites, but it is highly recommended you have completed my workshops, ‘Supplies Me’ and ‘I Heart Drawing’, to get the most out of this workshop.

You can purchase it here:


I am really excited to rejuvenate JOYnal, as I do to all my workshops when they go ‘LIVE’.  I will probably add more watercolour to the course!

So that’s my news.

I certainly hope you join me for JOYnal,



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