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imageHow good are holidays? I am in Bali taking a few days off before my Escape Artists arrive for our annual Bali Retreat. I think I’m going to have to make this a more regular thing.

Maybe explore a few different islands?


But I love it here. It’s low key, beautiful and there’s amazing surf for Angus. There’s something very relaxing about returning to a favourite location. There’s no call to go and discover new things. There’s more time to just do nothing except rest, paint, and chill out with the man I love.



I’m thinking of how I can take this easy feeling home with me. Have a pretend Bali day once a week perhaps?
A big factor is having limited wifi.
No kitchen.
No computer.
No cleaning.
No to do list.

Well that’s not entirely true.
I am filming a class while I’m here! But it’s all I have to do. And what I would usually try and squeeze into a few hours, I can spread out over 3 days.

But by Saturday, when my workshop prep starts, I’ll be ready to have more on my plate. I’ll be craving more to do by then.
But for now. I’ll just enjoy floating in the pool.


From Bali
Jane/ Danger.

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  • Rachelle Eason

    Hi, Jane! If it’s possible to feel tranquility through a blog post, I just did! Bali is now in my top three places to visit…one day. And, as much as I love my hubby of 25 years, I think it is a place I need to go to for a personal retreat…sand, sun, and art in Bali. Sounds like paradise!

  • Angie Hutcherson

    I want to be a part of your total bliss. Please let me know, of Bali Retreat 2015! In the mean time I will burn my Bali Sunrise Soy Candle 🙂

  • Jaz Higgins

    Sounds like bliss!!! I’m really looking forward to a much needed break. I’m doing 4 days in Melbourne next week and can’t wait! Enjoy your time and don’t get Bali belly!


  • Mary Mizzi

    Wow beautiful Bali, have an amazing time. My dream is to join your workshops in Byron and then next year join in Bali. Received my order on tuesday and another one today. Thank you very happy love it all. Can’t wait till I set up my art table & have some fun especially the peerless water colors. Your gorgeous postcards will go on my vision board and so will your choose happiness stickers. You made my week and made me smile as we lost our beloved pommerian on fathers day in a dog attack been very sad around here. I hope that me playing with art will be healing and full of sunshines for my family. Kisses to you both, Mary.

  • Kerry Sinigaglia

    Looks so tranquil and relaaaaaax——-ing. Let that total ZEN roll over you and take over your soul. I believe with every energy that enters your body, are their to help guide you and express something even MORE awesome and spiritually amazing than you’ve ever done before. PLUS…… I hope Angus totally chill’s and enjoys some waves.

  • Lee

    Hi Jane & Angus,
    Hope you are enjoying lovely Bali! Never been myself, but will one day.
    Just a quick question, are your online workshops on hold for delivery until you two get back?
    Only asking as I have purchased Supplies Me and I am eager to start It LOL!!!
    Anyway enjoy the sun xo
    Lee McGrath xox

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