Print and Scan – the first in my Professional Development Series


Oh, how I wish there was an online class that delivered what I have planned
back when I was trying to figure all this overwhelming stuff out
at the beginning of my career as a Professional Artist.

I had no choice but to travel the world to seek out experts and play along with expensive trial and error.
I had to suffer the mistakes and disappointments that my lack of information delivered.

I cannot tell you how delighted I am to get this Workshop out into the world.
There is a real need for this information!

Press play for your Invitation:

I see so much artwork in my workshops that really needs to be shared with a wider audience.
That artwork needs to get out of the journal!
Off the canvas!
And out into the world on walls, in hands and into hearts.

This workshop is for you if you are ready to take
the next step to becoming a Professional Artist!


As with all my workshops, you know you will get everything I have to give –
which is a lot!


Print & Scan is open for Registration now.

Class starts on November 4th 2013


Posing with my mermaid hair at the prestigious Wilderness Gallery for my Solo exhibition “Ladybirdelicious’.


There are 5 Modules:

1. SCAN: Professional quality prints start with fabulous scans.

  • The settings you need to get great results.
  • My methods for scanning larger scaled work

2. PHOTOGRAPH: Especially for larger artworks, textural paintings and 3D works.

  • Decide when to scan, when to photograph and when to do both!
  • Dealing with metallics, shimmers and flourescents.

3. ENHANCE: Insider tips and techniques for preparing your digital file for output.

  • My time-saving, sanity-conserving Workflow secrets.
  • Building Drama into your prints.
  • Manipulation of key elements to modify and improve composition.
  • Sharpening and blurring details.
  • Colour Adjustment.


  • Preparing your digital file for the best results.
  • Harnessing the strengths of your printer to make it obey your every command.
  • Printing tests.
  • Selecting the right paper for the job.
  • Critically assessing your results.

5. PACKAGING: Preparing and Sending your precious work out into the world.

  • Digital ‘packaging’.
  • Watermarks .
  • Copyright.
  • Print handling and Storage.
  • Print packaging.

In each Module I use Video to demonstrate and summarise the main points in PDF’s for you to print and keep.


In Print & Scan I will share my secrets for:

  1. Creating the very best quality with the equipment you have.
  2. What it takes to create true Fine Art Digital prints.
  3. Selecting the right paper.
  4. Recommendations for upgrading equipment when the time comes.
  5. Taming the whole process of image capture and printing.
  6. Creating quality work for Portfolios, Exhibitions, magazine and publication submissions, gifts for friends and family and for your etsy ( or similar ) store.
  7. Gathering the confidence under best-practice standards to pursue your Artistic dreams.

This workshop does not include any information on selling or marketing your work.
Instead we focus on the critical elements of presenting your work so it captures all the time, effort and joy that you have poured into it!


The Professional Printing Workshop for Mixed Media Artists.

Print & Scan will run as a ‘Live’ class over 5 weeks and then be open for Self Guided Study.
You will have a year of access to the Class Materials.
Worksheets and reference PDF’s are part of the class, so you have references.


This workshop is for you if you are ready to take the next step to becoming a Professional Artist!

The cost of this Professional Development Workshop  is AU$300


Please email info(at) with any sign up difficulty.


Stay tuned for tomorrow when I announce
a Scholarship for the workshop!




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