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Would you like your artwork to be shared with a wider audience?
I have created this online workshop to help you discover
just how easy it is to get your artwork out into the world.

Please Press Play for Your Invitation!

There are so many opportunities for artists now!
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As with all my workshops,
you know you will get everything I have to give.

Oh, how I wish there was an online class like this
at the beginning of my career as a Professional Artist!

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I had no choice but to travel the world to seek
out experts and engage in expensive trial and error.
I had to suffer the mistakes and disappointments
that my lack of experience delivered.
I cannot tell you how delighted I am to get this Workshop out into the world.
There is a real need for this information!

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This workshop is for you if:

  • you have ever dreamed of seeing your artwork on cards, stationery, homewares and apparel!
  • you would like to learn how to share your artwork with a wider audience.
  • you want to make beautiful prints of your artwork for family, friends and maybe your own online store.
  • you would like to submit your artwork for inclusion in magazines and books.
  • people ask to see your work and you need something to show them!

ps products-jane davenport2Sound like you?

Then come and join me in Print & Scan
A workshop specifically made for Mixed Media Artists.

The online Workshop is open for Self Study now,
but you can join us in a ‘Live Class’ on Monday April 19th, 2016

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Print & Scan is an opportunity to take your art further than you may have ever dreamed possible. And I have a Scholarship to award one lucky person. All you need do is leave a comment on this post about how making art makes you feel. That’s it! My little doglette, Tinsel, will select the Scholarship Recipient and I will announce the winner next week.

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Leave your comment on this blog post:
” How does creating art make you feel?”

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  • Jo Hudson

    Creating art gives me a feeling of fulfillment and freedom, something I could never get from my paid work in retail. It’s my dream to be able to create every day, to have that feeling all the time. I also sometimes have a sense of wonder when I look at something I’ve created… hey did I do that? Even though I’m not always pleased with what I’ve done it’s something that didn’t exist until I created it. I want to continue to learn and improve my art and really find my own style whilst also finding myself!

  • Charmain Napier-Neal

    I don’t know if I can explain how art makes me feel. Hmmm…it takes me over the top. Too take a blank canvas and turn it into something that comes for the soul. It makes me smile, laugh, cry, so many different emotions. Art makes me look inside myside myself and find something wonderful that can’t always be put into words!

  • Christy

    I feel like I am breaking through all of negative self judgmental thoughts when I create. It is as if I am breaking them down, one by one!



  • Max Prescott

    I feel so proud of what I create. I have a deep sense of accomplishment when it is done. I can’t wait to show it off.

  • joyce pettiford

    Art makes me feel alive! It never judges me; it is always there with open arms. It is my friend it knows me deeply it talks to me and I talk to it and when I need time alone it waits patiently for my return.

  • That’s a HUGE question! Creating art makes me feel, Alive, Fulfilled, Unstoppable, Empowered, Inspired, full of love and hope…..Creating art has always been in my heart, it was suppressed for many many years due to my own inner voice and the voices of my childhood….I ended up working in a corporate environment because I was told that was “safe”, what is “safe” for others can be a dangerously damaging path to those with a creative song in their heart. After over 20 years of being “safe” and miserable I finally decided to take the leap of faith and walk away from it all. I now live on a little farm with my beloved and lots of adorable and loving animals, I have converted my garage into my very own sanctuary/Art Studio…..My heart is full, Creating Art Makes me ME! <3

  • Marsha Hagar Gulick

    So many inspiring comments above! Art has also been my saving grace. At 60 years young, I’m so thrilled that I claimed my right to be an artist! It has empowered me and given me something to live for when the world seems impossible to bear. Thank you Jane for helping so many claim their right to their artist souls.

  • Aino-Mari Kämppi

    Arting keeps me sane and reduces my need for antidepressants – therefore keeps me alive and wanting to live many many yrs more the try out every possible technique there is to Art – I Looooove Mixed Media so the possibilities are endless. And thank You for this opportunity for A scolarship to Your Lessons 🙂

  • Marysu (who loves you hugely)

    Making art is the greatest joy in my heart!! It excites me, focuses me, brings me to a state of mind I cannot even explain. I share my art-venture with everyone I meet but especially with my best friend of over 40 years. Our weekly art-itude adjustments are wonderful but more than that, they are helping her heal after losing her husband in January. Art is such joy to share and Print and Scan could bring me to do just that!

  • M. Esperanza Ginés

    Art makes me feel in tune with the universal energy and brings peace to my mind, and happiness and inspiration in my life.
    Thanks a lot for this opportunity. Hugs from Spain!

  • Chelsea Martin

    Art makes me feel energized and alive. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I’ve finished a project.

    Thank you!

  • Lori-Lyn

    Thank you for offering this! Art-making makes me feel free. When I’m making art, I am my true self. My heart is open. I am loved and loving.

  • theresa glass

    Creating makes me feel whole. It fills me and makes me feel so good!! It’s like Xanax- in color!

  • Jennifer Russell

    Creating Art makes me feel lighter, and helps keep me together. It is a place that I found I can express myself best, even if only I understand:)

  • Tamora Bartlett

    When I do my art, I go into a “zone” of peace and tranquility, just me and the canvas. I can toil away for hours and it will seem that only minutes passed. I love creating art that brings a smile to someone’s face or lights up their eyes. It is what I dream of doing full-time someday, and I better be doing that quick because age is catching up with me! Thank you for creating this class to help us succeed!

  • Holly Ratta

    Creating art makes me feel creative and capable and happy! I started with Draw Happy and have taken many of your classes over the past 2 years. I didn’t realize that a major change would be taking place in my life and I have to say that creating and experimenting with art has taken the place of any sadness or feeling bad about the situation. My art has improved immensely and I love drawing, painting and creating. Thanks Jane…you’re a bright, shiny star and a great teacher!

  • Chrissy

    OMGoodness… making art… how to describe it… it both lights me up and terrifies me… I adore the meditative goodness and joy that fills me up when I’m creating, but then I’m terrified to share it! I’ve been busting through this fear lately (sharing images on social media to friends) and have received overwhelming support and love and encouragement, and I’ve never been more excited and happy!! The joy that art is creating for me is carrying through all aspects of my life : ) I can’t wait to share my work with more people, and know that I’m making them smile too : )

  • Stephanie Chavez

    Art makes me feel. Period. She pulls at me, arms stretched, fingers entwined, knees locked in familiar hesitation. One tug and I am gently pulled into her coaxing spell….and what remains on the page, canvas, or art desk is the evidence of the gentle tryst.

  • sue prescott

    Creating arts makes me feel so content and satisfied in my life. It opens new doors for me in many aspects of my life.

  • Colleayn Klaibourne

    Creating Art makes me feel happy and tingly inside. When I create art, I feel all this happy excitement bubbling from deep within. I want to create more! I feel like I come alive as the colors pop and the image appears. I am so happy I can express joy this way.

  • Jane Cartigan

    Art is my little bubble of sanity as I create and grow our young little family. Its like being somewhere that I breath more deeply. Its me.

  • Katie

    Making art makes me feel connected. Connected to color. To light. To other artists. To details in the world that I might miss if I wasn’t looking through the lens of art. The connection of art teaches me new things every day.

  • Robin Alex

    Making art makes me feel whole and grounded. When I’m away too long, I lose my center. But when I’m back, I’m the amazing me!

  • Vicky

    I feel something close to addiction to art creation. I “need” to create. It goes from painting, making jewellery, personalizing common objects, decorating the house. It is like a direct pathway that connects my head to my hands and I can’t wait to walk it as often as I can! Art empties my mind from the stressful and ordinary experiences of my working life and fills it with calmness and beauty. It’s like lying on the white sand of a gorgeous Greek island beach on a sunny summer day (by the way, I am Greek).
    I take this occasion to thank you Jane for accompanying to my “walk”.

  • Claudia

    Creating art makes me feel like an artist! So thankful to have found you Jane, you have such an infectious smile and enthusiasm that I love! I was always a little bit afraid to draw faces, but after getting your book & watching a few of your videos I jumped right in….and I CAN do it!! 🙂 Having homeschooled my boys for the past 10 yrs, I’m finally able to afford time for art & it feels so rewarding! I’m not even afraid to share it…maybe that part comes with getting into my 50s & being less self conscious 😉 Anyway, thank you for sharing your love of art & helping me!

  • Lara Ausensi

    Art makes me feel alive. Whether it’s just singing, composing, drawing, designing, painting, creating all sorts of things I could ever imagine… trying out new techniques… Art is the best healing therapy I’ve know so far and, all of it is restoring my self esteem again. I am now in what I call my self-expansion-blooming period, and I’m in love with it! I am beyond happiness and gratitude. It’s a feeling of well-being; flowing and freedom I cannot really explain with words. It needs to be painted 🙂

  • Melanie Dowczek

    Art is the only time my mind is quiet! In my busy life with so many responsibilities and worries, it is the only time I truly feel at peace. I wish I would have stuck with it through my entire life and not strayed after high school. Love how positive and safe you make it Jane! Thank you!!

  • Ashley

    Art to me isn’t just putting medium to paper, art to me is losing myself on the paper. Whenever I make art everything around me disappears and the only thing I see is my imagination being poured out in graphite and color. I find myself always seeking knowledge about how to create better art so that I can more accurately depict the stories in my head because the feeling of art is one that I cannot live without. Thank you so much for offering these courses to us!

  • Maggie 4

    I am a full time Artist and struggle to make ends meet. Your course sounds like it would get me on the right track to success. Unfortunately I am not in a postion to buy your course but hope to in the future. Unless of course I win a scholarship. I would be grateful f oi r the opportunity. Thank you for all the hard work in teaching you give to this world. M aggie

  • Christianne

    Art makes me feel whole again. Sometimes, life takes little bits and pieces away from who I am, just chipping away at my soul. Art restores me, puts my bits and pieces back, allows me to slow my life down, breathe it in, send it back out again, hopefully to spread some of what I feel. Without Art in my life, I feel like I wouldn’t be living it to the fullest.

  • Rachel Morris

    Art makes me feel less insane – it helps still the clamour of ideas fluttering around my noggin on a daily basis. Occasionally it also gets those ideas out and onto paper. Where they should sit still like well behaved ideas. Not fluttering and clamouring!

  • Carol Samsel

    Art energizes and renews me…it makes me feel complete. Without it I become down and grumpy and totally on edge. I’ve always had a need to be creative and explored that need with cooking and sewing and other fiber arts which all make me feel good but drawing and painting is a whole different and in-depth experience .

  • Leah

    Art makes me happy!

  • Mary Pressel Cline

    making art makes me feel authentic, ageless, like I am home and loved.

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