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Rambling to an Artsy end of year.

This year has been a really busy one for me, and now, as the calendar approaches the end of the year, it usually gets even busier. But I changed things up.

I made this plan back in January. I declared October as a ‘month off’. A time to hang out a bit more with no travel. I love travel, but it is intrusive right? So just being in my own space and consciously enjoying it was a delight that I let spread into November.  I feel  calm, relaxed and peaceful. I have made more time for art, friends and just ‘being’.

On the other hand, I have never seen Angus busier! Usually I’m the one racing around doing 50 things at once, but with the new building, a lawn mower, planting trees and a very popular store, he is flat out! While he is painting, planting and posting  I keep him company. Holding the wheelbarrow or making a cup of tea and chatting. It’s nice. I feel so grounded and thankful.

I made time to reorganise my studio, my office and bedroom drawers. Things that have been niggling at me for ages. Then I re-filmed all of my workshop invitation/showreels. That felt GOOD. Then I completely refilmed Draw Happy. That felt SUPER GOOD. And now I just started re-filming and re-organising ‘SUPPLIES ME! for the live class in January. Taking my time with it.

I realised something about myself this year. I get stuff that matters to me, done.
No matter what.
So I don’t feel so rushed or pressured anymore.

I wrote a book for a major publisher; Now I have it in my hands. I created a year of Art Lessons for Cloth Paper Scissors; The last one is about to be released. I hosted Art retreats  in Paris. I met art heroes and forged friendships. I am TRUSTING how capable I am. And that brings me  into a zone of freedom without the constant undercurrent  hum of ‘cripes-i-can’t-get-everything-done’ panic.
I want to make sure it lasts.

So, in amongst savouring the planning of new workshops, relishing signing my books and mindfully prepping for my new puppy ( I’ve been waiting 2 years and she arrives tomorrow – eeeeeeeeee!), I’m lovingly celebrating an amazing year by creating my own  Christmas decorations. Each one is for a specific family member. Each one from a different tutorial of Artsy Ornaments.

I LOVED making Christmas Tree decorations as a kid – and my darling Mum kept all the goofiest ones I made ( I’ll have to get a photo of the Australian themed ones – hilarious!).  A few less survive each year, but they make their way from the decorations box and on to the tree. It’s time to add a few new ones and create some heirlooms for my little  nieces and nephews from Aunty Jane.


ArtsyOrnamentsWorkshop_2014Join myself  and Christy Tomlinson, Margie Romney-Aslett, Chrissy Gardner, Limor Webber, Dyan Reaveley, Misty Mawn, Effy Wild, Jenny Wentworth, Mindy Lacefield, Julie Fei- Fan Balzer and Tamara Laporte  in a wonderful celebration!


 I created a tutorial on ‘Festive Fairies’! Cute, yes?

Jane Davenport-1 184 Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 9.56.54 amI hope you are approaching the end of the year at a manageable pace. And if you need to savour the moments a little more, come and make some artsy ornaments with me.


Jane/ Danger

This workshop is open for an ENTIRE year! You can access the material, night or day.. from any computer.. for an entire year. The Class is NOT live, so you won’t miss a thing if you can’t be there right when it starts. You can watch the workshop at your own pace, in your pjs if you want!

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