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I feel like I am swimming back to the surface after 8 INTENSE weeks of video producing and lesson creation for Mermaid Circus. Diving deep with the most wonderful, fantastic, super-awesome students/peeps/mermaids was exciting. I don’t know if it’s just me, or the universe being kind or what, but the people that come to my Workshops are exceptional, unique, awesome, free and creative goddesses.

It’s always been that way.

So I feel as if I earn my living by hanging out with my favourite people and creating things they love. I get to delight the most delicious human beings as my job.

Plus collaborating with my BFF and creative hero Teesha Moore, was a dream come true. But dreams don’t just ‘happen’… there is a whole lot of work that needs to go on to make the wonder come about. But if you LOVE that work, well, it’s all just a big ‘ol ball of awesome. My mother is a TOTAL workaholic, and I certainly inherited that personality trait, and she often says “exhaustion is exhilaration”.

Here’s my take on that:

On the back of the epic Mermaid Circus, I have a week away with the Brisbane Scrapbook Show and then straight on to the Sydney Craft Show. I have Stage talks and 10 workshops  – all mostly sold out and rapidly filling! (check here for available classes.)

If you are coming to the shows, make sure you cruise in and say ‘hi’ to Angus and I. At these big shows, Angus and I work about a foot away from each other and yet at the end of the day I feel like I have hardly seen him all day! Angus is in charge of the store and helping people with their art supply addictions, and I am answering questions, drawing and painting and chatting and laughing all day – I really do have a ball!


I run off to teach and talk on stage, come back, laugh and draw some more. Sometimes it is so super busy at my stand, I need to ask for your patience and you may need to come back when its quieter. I really like to concentrate on my conversations! Especially if it’s about my favourite topics of art journaling and art supplies. I am part mermaid, so I literally could speak underwater about them.

By the end of the show my brain does certainly get a bit tired, and I may speak in goobeldygook, but I don’t feel exhausted… you guessed it, i feel exhilarated. Exhilaration is that breeze in the face, warm bones feeling. You stand taller, radiate and feel strong to the core.

…. then it’s back home and straight into producing my next Workshop! The long promised Print and Scan… I have a lot of work before then, but I can’t wait!



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  • Mary-Kay

    Hi Jane, I know you are exhausted but just wondering if you have an ETA on the Print and Scan Class. Starts tomorrow? Oh good! (haha – no pressure or anything.) Just wondering what I need to save for. Hope your summer is GREAT!

  • Jules

    Totally loved your Brissy workshop and stage talk. So full of inspiration to get arty & play with my new toys. Love Your bubbly, bright,,honest and inspiring way of conveying your passion. Look forward to seeing you again somewhere someday Thanks for the artspiration. -Jules:)

  • Molly jones

    Jane I was thrilled to get to chat with you at the Brisbane expo. Thanks so much for just being you. I came home itching to create and know more. MJ

  • Pauley

    Hi Jane, Looking forward to catching up with you again at the Sydney Craft Fair, and Angus of course. As I have an insatiable appetite for lollies, I undoubtedly will walk out with a bag a goodies and a heap of inspiration.

  • anne

    I don’t know what to expect, but Im looking forward to your class on Sunday. See you in Brissie!

  • Bianca Koch

    Can’t wait for Sydney Class so I get to play with you in person and also to pick up my Mermaid Circus prize **hand clapping and dancing round in circles**. See you on the 12th. Love & big wet sloppy mermaid hugs

  • Joanne Sharpe

    You are a superstar dear girl!!!!! The class was absolutely stellar, perfection by you and sweet Teesha. I can’t wait for you to have some down time, so you can come play in MY online classes that you are signed up for (***wink wink***). Love you to bits! xoxoxooo

  • mimiandcordstar

    I will be booking in to the next workshop… can’t wait… thank you for mermaid circus my soul just floated away holding the hand of my imagination on a wave of goodness…. awesome. thank you….x

  • Kooky Makes

    Looking forward to meeting you both in person at Sydney. Be warned… I may cry… a lot!

  • Kerry

    Can’t wait for the weekend. Love your lady bird scarf, and what a delightful photo of you two. You know I’m always up for a’ Jane ‘class.

  • jo wholohan

    gorgeous photo guys!!!! looking forward to catching up tommorrow xx

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