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LayerCake Successories | make painting even more fun!

USD $90.97

The Sponge Sofa | sponge storage & ink palette

A fabulously convenient way to store your Blend-In sponges in easy-to-clean porcelain!

Each Sponge Sofa holds 6 sponges.

Sponges are wonderful art tools and can be used dry with your pastels and stamping inks, and wet with Layercake and other paint.

USD $14.48

In stock

L'il Shorty Brushes | a trio of brushes for delightful feathery delicate edges

A set of 3 brushes that give a plethora of different marks!

This is the Updated L'il Shorty ! The same lovely, high-density bristle head for making wonderful brush marks!


USD $11.57

In stock

I Heart Art Sponges | Apply inks, pastels & Layercakes!

These 2 blender sponges are wonderful for applying ink, pastel and paint to your artwork.

Two different densities  for more detailed application.
They’re perfect to use with stencils.

You will receive:

  • One pink high density I 💖 Art sponge
  • One soft red I ❤️ Art sponge

Each comes individually packed in an adorable box!

USD $13.16

In stock

Wedgie Art Sponges!

7 super-bouncy wedge sponges to use with pastels, paint and ink. Use for general art application, painting techniques & blending!

  • Semi-absorbent micropore sponge material
  • Different effects can be achieved by using the sides and edges.
  • Smooth non-abrasive sponge for a uniform result.
  • Each sponge holds and releases just the right amount of colour.
USD $5.37

In stock

Brush Ballet | Arabesque set for Acrylic paint

A is for Arabesque & Acrylic!

There are 12 brushes in the Arabesque set and each one features a durable Japanese nylon bristle that is not only cruelty-free, but full of bounce for the most pleasant painting experience. For easy reference, conventional sizing as well as the type of brush is printed on each brush. You will also find the letter "A" to remind you that these love Acrylic paint!

 You can use brushes as you like, but let me list out each of the brushes and why they are included in this set:

Flat Brushes I consider these the most versatile of brushes as they allow for thick or thin lines with just a twist. They are great for creating long lines and painting quickly.
There are 5 Flat brushes offer control and variety of line. You can paint out to edges with ease and precision.
The huge Gessoh brush is especially wonderful for backgrounds and collaging larger areas.

  • Flat 6: start with this for smaller details and precise edges.
  • Flat 8: for color that flows smooth like butter but creates bold and crisp strokes!
  • Flat 10: Feeling bold but still want control? This size is your friend.
  • Flat 14: Want to feel like flying with your colours? the larger the brush, the greater the freedom!
  • Gessoh : this 1" wide brush is for large tracts of colour!


Angle Brushes are for making clean, fine lines. If you have an edge that’s close to another object or if you want a crisp, straight line, grab these brushes! They can also be pivoted as you use them to create wonderful varied strokes that go from thick to thin and back again.

  • Angle 4
  • Angle 8
  • Angle 12


The 10 Round brushes graduate evenly from a size 4 through to a generous size 16. They give you wonderful choices to suit any purpose.

The lovely thing about Round Brushes is the pointed tips married with the full belly of the brush that can hold plenty of pigment.  They can be used to create a modulated, linear mark by applying more or less pressure during the stroke; the pointed round is ideal for fine detail. Used on their sides in a scribbling motion, they’ll make an irregular, broken patch of color. They are a wonderful general use brush!

They are housed in a canvas wrap that has plenty of space for more brushes and painting accessories.

USD $46.39

In stock

Clean with water
Blend & apply creamy paints!
Fabulous storage!
new ways of painting
Perfect accessories for Layer Cakes!

A collection of fabulous tools that work perfectly with Layer Cake Paint!

    • One pink high density I 💖 Art sponge
    • One soft red I ❤️ Art sponge
    • Spong Sofa in Bali Blue x 1
    • Skinni Mini brushes x 4
    • L’il Shorty brushes  x 3

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