Swirls & Whirls!


Hello my creative friends,
I am super excited to share one of my favorite techniques with Mermaid Markers with you today!
I love painting circular swirls.  It’s super easy!  They work great as a background, or can become the focal point of your journal page!  My Jane Davenport Journal is full of these colorful, fabulous swirls!
Let’s get started!
Tutorial: Mermaid Marker Swirls
Jane’s Mermaid Markers
JDMM Waterbrush

Choose 2 Mermaid Markers.
Color a small circle, about the size of a penny, on your page.
With your second marker, lay down color on both sides of your circle, like parentheses.  I try to be careful not to touch the center circle.

With your waterbrush, begin painting in a circular motion – SWIRL ☺, starting with the edge of the circle, and working outward.  Squeeze to add more water as you go.

Optional:  Swoop your brush back across the center color, and out again, in an oval shape.  This will suggest a floral pattern.
Soften the outer edge with your clean waterbrush.
Continue making more beautiful swirls to fill your page.
TIP:  To create wonderful depth in your page, leave some swirl edges hard.  They will feel like they are floating above the softer swirls.

I hope you will try this super simple, fabulously fun swirly technique!jessica-sanders-watercolor-swirl-001
Huge, THANK YOU!! to Jane for sharing!  I’m so honored ☺
Jessica Sanders
Instagram:  @jessicasandersart


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xoxo Jane


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