Twins, Video & Alcohol ( markers!)

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, but before then I will get to spend time with many of my favourite people on the planet. And it just so happens I get to see a bunch more of my fave peeps just after New Years in the glorious USA, so I have 2013 all rosied up and looking darn jolly!

Anyway, that isn’t what this blog is about, it’s about twins! My baby sis hatched two of the cutest little sproglettes ever, and now I am seeing twins in everything. They are popping up in my art… and I am choosing to concentrate on this new life ( two little lives! ) and not let the tragedy in Conneticut swallow me whole.

I promised to show my Joynal students how I created one of my twins image… and in re-creating it, made it different.


The lesson I created is longer and far more detailed than I intended, but I was just so INTO  it, and enjoying myself.  So the lesson is a full-on, step by step drawing tutorial and a great lesson on using alcohol markers.  I used the new slender ones from Zig KureColor – they are so nice to work with, I started stocking them in the store. I am SO OVER chunky barelled markers. These handle like my beloved Tombow markers.


When I first started filming myself working, it felt so strange and I was very aware of THE CAMERA. I got quite nervous. But aside from not pressing record once, and a few technical snafoos, it’s been a steep but smooth learning curve.

After 193 videos ( that number makes my head spin!), I just love, correction LOVE filming my work as it happens. It’s always a surprise and to have the ideas being recorded as they are born, is a wonderful record for me as an artist. ( Thankfully my sis didn’t have her birthing story recorded, as much as I love her, I don’t really want to watch that!).

Part of enjoying the filming process is the set-up I have.  It’s super profesh.  Proper studio lighting, fancy camera, great sound and all ceiling suspended. Angus and his Dad outdid themselves figuring out the impossible to get THAT happening.None of the recording process  gets in my way. So when I film, It’s just me, the art, the supplies and the feeling of 2000 of my closest friends waiting for what I come up with!

You would think it was pressure, but I gave away the ridiculous notion that everything I do ‘should’ work out/be a masterpiece a while back.  The only pressure is to keep in mind that I am teaching, not just having fun! So anytime I find myself swooping through a particular section, I have to remember to FOCUS  and share what I am doing. I like that challenge.

The images from this post are all from Joynal. If you want to learn how to create some magic, join me here: Joynal online workshop

Just in case I am having too much fun to get back here, I hope you are healthy, happy and in holiday mode wherever you are in the world.

Thank you for your company this year.

Much love and Choose Happiness,


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