Frida Kahlo: Studying Under The Masters

When I first heard about the ‘Studying Under the Masters’ online workshop, I emailed Jeanne Oliver right away, introduced myself and requested that she consider me as a teacher is she ever ran the workshop again. The whole concept is simply brilliant!

Basically 6 practicing Artists are each invited to examine/research/study/revere a Master Painter of their choice.  We become the Apprentice and invite you along on that fascinating journey. This method of learning has existed from the beginning of civilisation.studying-under-the-masters-big-intro

As humans we learn by copying. Eventually we go on to form our own ideas, styles and methods. But we start by being inspired and mentored by others experience. This is how I approach all my online classes in a way, but Studying under the Masters lets me sit at the foot of a Master Painter who fascinates me and share that love with others.

So you can imagine how delighted I was when I was included in the upcoming ‘Studying Under the Masters’ group. And even more excited when I saw my fellow Artists and who we had all chosen as our Master painters.

My fellow practicing artists/instructors Cori DantiniGillian Lee SmithRobin FingherTeresa McFayden and Jeanne Oliver have selected Master Painters that fascinate and inspire them as well.

The master artists we will be studying under are : Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Mary Blair,  Brett Whiteley, Max Beckmann and ‘my’ Frida Kahlo.  6 weeks of  in-depth lessons available for 2 years for $49.
What is not to love?

Click here to register now.

After you have paid from this link please go to and register on the site where the course is held.  Once you have registered and your account is approved you will be added to the course before the class begins on September 30. Thank you.  }


Click here to register now.

Each one of us is creating a whole class around our selected Master. The six weeks of lessons are available for you for 2 years.

The artist I have chosen is Frida Kahlo.

As a person Frida inspires and fascinates me. But I feel she has so much in store for me as Artist, and what better way to feel closer to this amazing person than as her ‘Apprentice’?

Frida pics-jane-2

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter who created arresting self portraits. I first discovered her for myself  when Madonna started collecting her paintings. She was the first female painter I had ever really heard of. Her life seemed full of calamity and physical difficulty, but she lived a unique life with passion, colour and created whenever she could.

Her work is confronting. It is not traditionally beautiful. But it speaks to me. Her use of colour and nature and ways of incorporating herself in her own work are something I would like to try. I think it will be a liberating experience, and I hope you will join me as we discover more about Frida Kahlo together!

Frida pics-jane-6

I adore and am so fascinated with her that I am going on a pilgrimage to her house in Mexico City next year. A long held dream is to stand in the spaces she moved through. To see where she painted. I bet the air feels different there.

For those that have followed my Blog for a while, you know that I even named one of the koalas that visited my garden after her ( Frida Koahlo). The Selma Hayek movie of Frida Kahlo’s life is a good starting point if you wanted to discover a little more about  her. It is called simply ‘Frida’.

Frida pics-jane-42

More info about the workshop is here:

‘Studying Under The Masters Registration’ open now!

Registration price: $62

Click here to register now.

After you have paid from this link please go to and register on the site where the course is held.  Once you have registered and your account is approved you will be added to the course before the class begins on September 30. Thank you.  }

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