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I’m not even sure where to start this Blog post.

Do I start with my week in  vacation in South West France in between the two Escape Artist Retreats in Paris… or should I tell you more about Retreats themselves? ( I can let a few pics show you a tiny bit of what we got up to!):

I could fill three posts with just what I saw and learned today in London! ( this will have to do for now!)

But I also have Art Supply news as well. New discoveries include the best pen EVER, the best journal bag EVER and my own colours for Peerless!

Or should I tease you with news of my book ( the covers are all set now and they are beautiful!) or let you know about the online workshops I have coming up? I have a FRIDA KALHO online workshop to tell you about tomorrow! Hello!


Well, actually how about I start with announcing winner to the Radiant Faces give-away?

Thank you for all the responses to my question! The winner is Johnetta!

“Hi Jane,

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I’ve learned so much from your methods. I’m continuously working towards drawing faces. I LOVE to DRAW faces with all my heart. FACES are the world as eyes are the window to the soul. FACES express life, love, passion and the pursuit of happiness. FACES are a contagious manifestation of your magnetic energy. When you look at a FACE that spreads joy you feel happy, bright and able to conquer the world. FACES are life!!! I long to be able to transfer life onto paper and other materials using a variety of mediums and styles. I’d love to more DRAW FACES that breathe. I love to DRAW FACES. I love to draw happy, I’d love to draw them in the most peculiar places and with lots of love in their spaces.”

So a big yay for Johnetta!

and I’ll be back with all the other lovely things I mentioned before… yay!


Jane/ Danger in London

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  • Jennifer. Edgar

    I’ve so enjoyed the flipagrams one day I’ll be there, looking forward to painting with the masters

  • Heidi

    Oh did you say ‘BOOK!” I love your flipagrams…. thanks for sharing all the lovelyness.

  • Suellen

    Gosh you’re a busy girl Jane. Great pics and look forward to all the new exciting things.

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