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On the way to a Full Retreat

I am a big one for setting intentions, and going to a big Art Retreat in the USA has been on my mind for a long while.
What I didn’t expect was that I would be going my first big retreat and be standing at the front of the room!


I picked Art is You after chatting to some artist friends, and them recommending it as being professionally run AND  huge fun for the teachers and students. And I am all for fun!

The retreat sits right in the middle of an amazing trip. I’ll be spending a week with Christy Tomlison at her She Matters Retreat as a student having some arty fun and getting over any jet-lag. Then I’m off to Memphis for Art is You! I plan on doing tons of art, sharing galore with my students and maybe organising a rebel tour to sneak ‘off campus’ to go check out Memphis and Graceland.
I LOVE ( like crazy love) watching Elvis impersonators perform, so I hope they are in abundance! Plus I have planned 2 lay-days, and have booked into workshops already. I wish I could do more with the amazing teachers.

I’ve never been to Tennessee or Mississippi, and I hear they are both very naturally beautiful, so I will be looking forward to spotting some critters too. ( I made a Morning News television appearance in San Francisco with a North American Porcupine as my wingman a few years ago, and I would love to see another one. If you come to the workshop, ask me to tell you the whole funny story!).

Then I head off to Donna Downey’s Inspiration Studio to teach. My workshop sold out in hours. HOURS! Pinch me!

I have spaces at all three classes in Dixie – but not for long!

I have outlined the details for each class below. And reading what I have planned makes me so excited to teach them!



Fill in the online Registration Form:

Look for the ‘All Inclusive Packages’. They are amazing value!


Two Day Workshop
10:00am – 5:00pm
Monday, 28  and Tuesday, 29 April 2014




Where does the animal in us start? Where does it stop?
Join internationally recognized artist, Jane ‘Danger’ Davenport in a drawing exploration of our animal natures.

Jane will demonstrate using a wide variety of mediums and techniques on your way to creating two artworks.
We will create multi-layered, meaningful artwork that will expand your art practice.

This class will suit confident drawers, especially those that have attended a Jane Davenport online workshop.




Whimsical Faces:
Thursday 1st
One Day Workshop
10:00am – 5:00pm

Join Jane ‘Danger’ Davenport in a day full of colour, collage and fun!

Jane Davenport is an accomplished artist and generous teacher. She will be sharing a plethora of secrets and supplies that will bring life to your drawings and bolster your creative confidence.

Jane will show you how to set up your drawn face for success ( no more wonky eyes!) and then how to add volume, shading and emotive elements. ( For nervous drawers, Jane will also have her face stencil sets.)

Bring your Art Journal – the bigger the better! ( 8.5” x 11” is perfect)


Friday 1st May Sat 2nd May



Mermaids represent enchantment, untamed beauty, persuasion, discernment and independence and they only appear to those that are true of heart. They are symbolic of our  passions overruling the analytical mind and they remind us that the things we are attracted to don’t have to make sense. It’s ok to be captured by the odd, the quirky and other worldly!

In Mermalicious, we will create a shaped Artist’s Book in which to pour mythical mermaids and salty sea creatures from our imagination!
We will dive into a deep sea of my drawing, painting and collage techniques. We will use copies of our existing artwork to create new works. The drawing portion of Jane’s demonstrations will emphasise hair, ethereal figures, backgrounds and placing them within the mini-universe of our journals. We will delve in deep and go beyond the basics. “I love working with individuals with their own style. You will fill but not finish your Mermalicious Book, but you will leave class with the inspiration and techniques to let your heart keep filling it.” says Jane.


This is the perfect time to create more magic in your life, by relaxing your vision and letting go. You will resurface into the ‘real world’ drenched in the glow of truly magical color! Let the mermaids charm you into a churning sea of creativity, dreams and imagination.

*Students will need to bring 3 – 6 colour laser copies of their existing portraits/ face drawings. If you are familiar with Jane’s online classes, you can also bring your artwork using her Tissue Technique.



Fill in the online Registration Form:

Look for the ‘All Inclusive Packages’. They are amazing value!
2 all inclusive days: $360.00  and the full week is $ 1020!
This means that each day you attend a workshop at Art is…You,  you can also:

  • participate in a morning inspirational session
  • enjoy coffee and tea at different times of the day
  • sit down to a huge buffet luncheon with your friends
  • take part in a fun and artistic event in the evening
  • receive treats and gifts from many of our faculty, vendors and sponsors
  • enjoy handmade gifts from Ellen and Sallianne and so much more.

All questions: artis@art-is-you.com

Accommodation is at:
Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center

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