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 Lifebook 2014!

I am super-proud to say I have been teaching on LifeBook from the start.
What Tam at has managed to achieve with her vision
and the community and fun that surrounds it is really quite incredible.

Each teacher ( see the list below – hello!) has one lesson spread throughout the year.
It’s like an incredible arty smorgasbord of teachers both new and experienced.

The world is a better place because of this unique event.

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Blog Hop with all the Teachers in LifeBook:

12th Sept 2013 – Tamara Laporte –

13th Sept 2013 – Tascha Parkinson –

14th Sept 2013 – Lesley Riley –

15th Sept 2013 – Alena Hennessy –

16th Sept2013 – Kat McBride –

17th Sept 2013 – Carla Sonheim –

18th Sept 2013 – Jane Davenport –

19th Sept 2013 – Danielle Daniel –

20th Sept 2013 – Jennibellie –

23rd Sept2013 – Kelly Hoernig –

24th Sept 2013 – Micki Wilde –

25th Sept 2013 – Kate Thompson –

26th Sept 2013 – Flora Bowley –

27th Sept2013 – Anna Dabrowska –

28th Sept 2013 – Steven Speight –

29th Sept 2013 – Mika Diaz –

30th Sept 2013 – Serena Bridgeman –

1st Oct 2013 – Dyan Reaveley –

2nd Oct 2013 – Effy Wild –

3rd Oct 2013 – Carissa Paige –

4th Oct 2013 – Marieke Blokland –

5th Oct 2013 – Christy Tomlinson –

6th Oct 2013 – Traci Bautista –



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  • Sylvia

    I would love to do this lifebook 2014. Im not so long doing journaling. In holland is not yet very populair. So I watch all the you tube films en tutorails. I’m looking forward to your lesson because your girl’s are beautiful.

  • Marianne Goodell

    I love online learning because it connects me to people with similar interests around the globe. I get access to teachers that I would never have access to if it weren’t for online learning. My art has already grown so much because of the valuable information I have gotten from these types of classes. I really hope to win a spot in Lifebook to continue this fabulous journey. Thank you for offering a spot. Love and hugs, Marianne

  • melissa

    i would love to win and be inspired by the teachers and the other students!

  • Monkie

    Yeah! This is great news!

  • Linda

    I have just started Life Book 2013 and loving it and shall be signing for the next, to learn all I can form you amazing artist.

  • Maloney, Annette

    I am hoping to win a spot so I can participate! I have never take one of your courses before, so I am hopeful. Thank you for the opportunity!


  • Kim Hine

    Id love to do this course, I never seem to have the money to signp a the right time, This year has been my “year of fun” exploring all kinds of artistic opportunities, Id love to kick start 2014 off with this program… Bst I start to save lol

  • Sharron Chittick

    I have done the last 2 Lifebooks and love them. Not every lesson I want to do, but that’s ok. I still love watching the videos and seeing the different approaches each artist has. Highly recommend it.

  • Carol Mc

    I’ve been going thru hop each day and checking out all the contributor’s blogs. This sounds like such a fantastic course.
    I hope to participate.

  • debi m

    Yay!!! thrilled you are doing another year, congrats!!

  • Jenni

    Wow! It sounds fantastic. I can’t wait for a year of art!

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