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I have a little secret I can reveal… My next four stencils are coming out with Artist Cellar in a few weeks. My Escape Artist retreat students have been playing with them all last week. Now it’s my turn…
My life right now:

I have a Blog hop to celebrate – each artist is  creating something with them. I can’t wait to reveal all!

September 28 – Artistcellar (
September 29 Jill K. Berry (
September 30 Dawn DeVries Sokol  (
October 1 – Joanne Sharpe (
October 2 – Connie Hozvicka (
October 3 – Effy Wild  (
October 4 – Tamara Laporte (
October 5 – Dion Dior (
October 6 – Courtney Brook (
October 7 – Kate Palmer (

October 8 – Jane Davenport (


You can PRE-ORDER them here: Click


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  • Jennifer Lewis

    Woot-woot! More stencils! Can’t wait to play with them, Jane!

  • Maloney, Annette

    Wow, wow, wow, wow, WOW! Truly a fun filled 2014! Best of luckin your continued success!

  • Suzy Tenace

    Hello Jane, I would love to be a part of Life Book 2014 because I have been a “sleeping” artist for many years. I use to own my own gift shop & florist & I used my artistic abilities everyday to bless the lives of others & also for my good emotional health. During that time I injured my shoulder in an accident-( 16 years later, 2 surgeries & another probably on the docket)- after this injury my body decided to shut down in many ways with chronic illness, severe chronic pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety disorders, depression & the like. For 2 1/2 years I rarely even came out of my home & sometimes not out of my bedroom for days. This past year I have had hope. I came across two Drs. who are really helping me. I don’t stay in my bedroom, I go out of the home (although some days I get afraid) & I am starting to do things I haven’t been able to do in years. I found Tam & her wonderful website while surfing the web, seeing what was new in the artistic world. My heart started to heal, I started to paint (just a little) & I have been working hard on myself to heal. I believe this healing art journey is the beginning of my new happy, hopeful, healthy life. I know in my heart that art heals. I loose track of time & I love the” magic” which is art & the smile it brings to the lives of others. I believe that Life Book 2014 can push me forward in the right direction on this healing path. When I heal (when any of us heal) we bless the lives of others & make the world a brighter place we can all share. I would be honored to win a spot in Life Book 2014. Thank you. I just love your enthusiasm for art & I LOVE how you start your videos swinging in the tree & your work is wonderful! Thank you!

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