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Would you like your artwork to be shared with a wider audience?
I have created this online workshop to help you discover
just how easy it is to get your artwork out into the world.

Please Press Play for Your Invitation!

There are so many opportunities for artists now!
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As with all my workshops,
you know you will get everything I have to give.

Oh, how I wish there was an online class like this
at the beginning of my career as a Professional Artist!

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I had no choice but to travel the world to seek
out experts and engage in expensive trial and error.
I had to suffer the mistakes and disappointments
that my lack of experience delivered.
I cannot tell you how delighted I am to get this Workshop out into the world.
There is a real need for this information!

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This workshop is for you if:

  • you have ever dreamed of seeing your artwork on cards, stationery, homewares and apparel!
  • you would like to learn how to share your artwork with a wider audience.
  • you want to make beautiful prints of your artwork for family, friends and maybe your own online store.
  • you would like to submit your artwork for inclusion in magazines and books.
  • people ask to see your work and you need something to show them!

ps products-jane davenport2Sound like you?

Then come and join me in Print & Scan
A workshop specifically made for Mixed Media Artists.

The online Workshop is open for Self Study now,
but you can join us in a ‘Live Class’ on Monday April 19th, 2016

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Print & Scan is an opportunity to take your art further than you may have ever dreamed possible. And I have a Scholarship to award one lucky person. All you need do is leave a comment on this post about how making art makes you feel. That’s it! My little doglette, Tinsel, will select the Scholarship Recipient and I will announce the winner next week.

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Leave your comment on this blog post:
” How does creating art make you feel?”

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  • Krystal C.

    Creating art makes me feel relaxed and happy. Any drawing I do these days is important to me since I have not been drawing a lot compared to when I was younger. I miss the days when I used to whip out my pens and markers and paper to doodle or write a story. Getting back in my creative zone has been difficult, but thanks to you Jane, I am able to draw more again! 🙂

  • Brandy Stachowski

    For me Art is a life line. It is a way to express your creativity and feel alive! Drawing is there for me when I run out of words, when I feel lonely, or when I just need a happy place to go to. I believe Art is happiness for the eyes, much like music for the ears, and reading is for the mind. Art speak to your soul! It can reach inside you pulling at your emotions. I love how we can visually connect to anyone across the globe even though some of us are thousands of miles apart. It doesn’t matter what language you speak or what country you come from. It’s a common language between all of us that helps spreads empathy and awareness to others.

  • Jane Dunham

    When I saw the email about the workshop, I thought, art is just what I do! It’s been my self-soothing thing I have done since a child. I was to be seen and not heard as a child, this fit the bill. It’s like a warm fuzzy feeling when it comes together. My heart feels open and light, which in turn makes my arms and fingers flow with movement. My mind becomes an overflowing fountain with ideas!

  • Marisa harrison

    It depends what kind of art I’m making. Often when I’m painting I have lots of mixed emotion, frustration, indecision even exasperation then often something else takes over, joy explodes as if someone else takes over my brush, I can’t stop looking at it once the piece is finished, I can’t believe that art came from me! This doesn’t happen every time but even when it doesn’t that’s still ok! If I’m working with graphite I’m instantly captured, the world passes by and hours feel like minutes, I am relaxed and fulfilled, happy smile!

  • Kristie

    It is my happy place. Totally, it has taken me a really long time to be comfortable enough to say, this is me, this is what I do, this is who I am. But I can say it proudly now. I hope that ultimately my love of creating is an example to my kids to pursue their own happy as well.

  • Jane Wright

    Creating art is one of my greatest pleasures. I lose track of time as I fall in love all over again with colours and textures and the simple joy of creating. I love relaxing after a hard day at work with a paint brush in hand and paper or canvas and watching it come to life before my eyes.

  • Michelle

    Hi Jane, making art makes me feel freedom. I love that floating feeling when you are so far into it, nothing else matters. That feeling can transport you to another world and another time. Sometimes when I come out of it I have been lost in time, wondering “how did that go so fast.”? My art is an expression of me, many facets.

  • Diane Tobolt

    Creating art makes me come alive! It fills me with amazement and wonder when things come together in ways I never thought they would, so much more than I ever imagined they could be. I’m at a point where I am awakening again to art, to creating, to exploring and discovering. And now I find that I want more and more to share these things that are more beautiful than I expected, that tell stories I didn’t expect. What an amazing workshop! All the things that kept me from moving out into the world with my artwork because I didn’t know where to begin! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and joy with others! Thank you for inspiring me to play and create!

  • Natalia

    Making art makes me feel free! The canvas will carry everything that I put on it without complaints. It allows me to experiment and try new things without any guilt.

    Thanks Jane for the opportunity and for sharing your knowledge!

  • Gabriela

    Hi Jane,
    having always been given the impression that I couldn’t be as perfect as my sister when I was younger I shied away from art for a long time. Now after meeting you and working on your online classes, I can finally say that I love art! I have been given a gift and I am ready for the world to see it. Art makes me feel so happy, inspired and creative:) I am so blessed to know you! Thank you!!!

  • hanna staudinger

    My oldest sister says I started drawing way before I could read. However, it got forgotten and neglected for over two decades because I was a single mom and had to work really hard to provide for my daughter.
    I met my husband and had another child which made me a stay-at-home mom. I just recently got hit by art: I am a new Christian and found out about bible journaling. And then all came back! I found you Jane in my local library and fell in love with your art. It was with your Alice Workshop that I had my first experience with watercolor! I’ve always been very frightened by any type of paint and thought I wasn’t good enough for them.
    Now I spend hours painting, drawing, creating! And it means the world to me! After being home for so many years I kind of lost track of who I was, what I liked, etc. It is just now that I’ve found my true calling and this is in art! Making art gives me such a deep satisfaction that it put me like in a place where there is no time, no age, no boundaries. There is just me and the art! ♥

  • Donna Walsh

    Arty times make me very happy, they fill me up with anticipation and wonder.
    I have been making arty attempts for 20 odd years now and still feel like a beginner because
    There is always new things to learn . I love doing classes especially face to face that’s always fun as your surrounded by like minded people with great attitudes.
    Cheers to you Jane your a real treasure x

  • Lisa Caril

    I am not good with words but my emotions/feelings etc come through with my paintings, creations and especially my art journalling. Painting gives me a sense of release, gives me ‘my time’, I love having paint on my hands, it gives me a sense of achievement. I also love it when one of my paintings ‘speaks’ to someone – I know that is why that I love to share – I love it when they touch people.

  • Renée

    I remember one day about 25 years ago I was sitting on the verandah of my tiny little miners cottage in W.A daydreaming & looking at the trees.
    Suddenly I heard the words as clear as a bell in my mind : ” i am an artist”.
    I swear I nearly fell off my chair….i had NEVER considered the thought !!! Ever !!
    The voice may as well have said ” i am the Queen of England “.
    It was that unlikely !
    Now i love creating and making art of all kinds.
    Making art opens the doorway to my inner world…a place saturated with untapped beauty.
    Making art opens the doorway into the exquisite world of plants, flowers, light and leaves.
    Making art opens the doorway into a mystical place where everyone cares for each other and hold hands like excited children discovering a hidden cave full of jewels.

  • Terry J Walker

    Aloha Jane! One thing I enjoy about creating art is finding all these marvelous artists who are creating art for a living. I love the joy I see bubbling up when you talk about your art and workshops. That’s how I feel when I create. It’s as if I’m home and doing what I love…finally. Nothing else makes me feel quite that connected and centered…well, except maybe catching a really good wave. Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to win a scholarship for Print & Scan.

  • Marcie Aspras

    I would love to win a scholarship for the Print and Scan workshop!! I am seeing a hand specialist on Monday having been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my left hand. This is especially hard since I just lost my mom and was looking forward to getting back to making art after being her caregiver for several years. I feel learning from this class will help me expand my art in ways I haven’t been able to imagine yet!! I am willing to learn new tricks!! Thanks, Jane!! Thanks, Tinsel!!

  • Lucy McCracken

    I love this!!!! Creating art makes my soul happy. I’ve struggled with anxiety since I was a child. Creating art has been such a healing tool for me. it helps me to relax and it makes the anxiety go away. I’m also a foster mom and I’ve been teaching my foster kiddos the same thing. They too suffer from anxiety. Who could blame them? It’s so wonderful to see that when they’re creating art they are also seeing and feeling the positive rewards of it. You’re such an inspiration to me Jane. ♥

  • Tihana

    Art makes me feel like I am a child again. Art brings me to the fact that in every place in the world I feel like I’m at home and that every little detail of this world in a moment becomes interesting artistic accessories (thank you, Mixed Media:) )

  • Katrina Trewartha

    I feel alive and revel in my uniqueness when I create art. Art is a daily necessity for me not something to squeeze in-between the dishes, cooking and running. I put art first before anything else. This results in me diving out of bed each morning at 4am (or before) to spend delicious hours in my studio prior to my husband waking up. Making art is not a conscious choice for me, rather a primeval urge that I must fulfil.

  • Annika Lund

    Creating art makes me feel alive and focused, but at the same time completely lost to the world. It’s like stepping outside time into a blissful state of pure being. It can be complete calm and harmony, and suddenly so exhilarating that I ‘wake up’ and have to get up and wander around the room to calm down before I can continue. Thank you for the opportunity to win a scholarship in this exciting workshop!

  • Suzette Hussey

    How does art make me feel? Wow! This is hard to put into words. My life as a homemaker right now involves looking after 3 kids and a husband. I wear the hat of a mother, wife, nurse, a chef, a psychologist, a tutor ; the list goes on. Rarely do I find the time for me. On that odd occasion when I get to slip away to my art room it’s like being in a sanctuary. I look through my baskets of treasures and I immediately get excited. What should I create? I am soon lost in my own little world of pure contentment and happiness….bliss! Time flies so fast and it’s soon time to return to reality. But I feel refreshed, empowered, ready to face challenges ahead of me. I am now content

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