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Gods & Monsters ink & LevARTation journal Bundle with bonus Goddess!

USD $85.06

Goddess Sprayer Bottle | generous ink misting

Each Goddess Bottle holds 100ml of ink and comes with a selection of tops to suit your creativity! Load them with Creative Juice, INKredible Inks, Gods & Monsters ink or whatever concoction you create!

These Misters are not just beautiful, they sit well in the hand and they bring a little glamour to the art making experience.

  • 1 x Misting sprayer


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Gods & Monsters of Ancient Greece | Art inks!

These special inks are 'Gradiating' or 'Shading' inks. Shading is where the ink pools in different spots during use, creating lighter and darker areas. It gives the colour more depth and variety, making the artwork immediately more interesting to create and look at.

Each one is named for a Greek Goddess, God or a legendary monster!

In contrast to our other 'Creative Juice' inks, this set contains more muted colours. They are full of life and interest!

  •  12 high-grade inks
  • 15ml in each glass bottle.
  • NEW display box featuring the colours and art by Jane created with these inks.
  • 'Hermes' has a Limited Edition coral shimmer !

USD $61.21

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LevARTation Sheen & Shade Journal | makes your inks sing!

Let's LevARTate!❤️

This journal is named LevARTation because it is light as a feather and lifts the spirit as you use it. It can be used with all art supplies, however LevARTation is especially good for inks that have sheening and shading properties, eg: the Gods and Monsters inks! Specialty inks behave completely differently on this paper!

  • B5 size
  • 18.5 x 26cm
  • 7.25 x 10.25 inches
  • 42 sheets – (84 ‘back and fronts’)
  • Centre stitched
  • Full colour heavy card cover
  • Bookplate section on inner cover

The LevARTation journal contains specialty paper that was originally developed for airmail many decades ago. It is light, smooth and works beautifully with ink which made it perfect for letter writing. Fast forward to today and we appreciate LavARTation paper for it's creative possibilities!

The transluscent LevARTation paper has a lovely crinkle effect and feel as you use it, sounding almost like glassine paper. The more water you add, the more of a crinkle you will get. What would annoy us in other papers delights us in this paper, as it adds to the entire experience of using this journal. The crinkles  smooth back out over time, but the 'used' pages' have a delightful worn in quality that is hard to explain... it is something that needs to be experienced!

I have tried to capture the experience in the  video below.

USD $23.85

In stock

12 legendary colours
Amazing LevARTation paper!
Create beautiful washes
Goddess mister bottles!
Exclusive bundle!


Limited Offer:

When you order this bundle of the The Gods & Monsters Ink set  and the LevARTation Shade and Sheen journal, will will gift you a wonderful Goddess Bottles


  • The 12 amazing Gods and Monsters inks!
  • The LevARTation art journal!

Free Gift!

One of our fabulous Goddess Mister Bottles!


Watch the video!

What Jane says

What makes these inks so special is the way they behave on the LevARTation paper… the effect is gorgeous!

The new LevARTation Shade and Sheen journals bring this mythical ink to life!

Each set comes with a variety of stickers you can use to either label the bottles on their lids, or tools you want to make.


What you might like to know

LevARTation paper works fabulously with:

  • LayerCake Paint,
  • pens,
  • markers,
  • inks
  • watercolour
  • pencils
  • crayons



Weight .95 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 18 cm

Gods & Monsters of Ancient Greece | Art inks!


'Feeling Inspired' – Set 1, 'Feeling Inspired' – Set 2, Both 'Feeling Inspired' sets!, Extra Sticker set

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