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‘Urban Jungle’ Colour Wheel | sophisticated shadow Layercake

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Compact colour collection!
Soft blending, creamy colour
Skin Safe and non-toxic!
Perfect for mixed media
Watersoluble: use opaque or as a watercolour

LayerCake Colour Wheels are a fit-in-your-palm palette of our unique paint.
Each one contains 6 glorious hues, carefully balanced to satisfy a specific creative need!


LayerCake paint combines the vivid opacity of gouache with watercolour’s ease of use, and acrylics’ layerability.
When Layercake paint dries it has a divine, velvety surface. Think of it as a liquid Artist Pastel!

Urban Jungle

In this collection of new colours you have a selection of dense, shadow colours!
They are fabulous for creating moody backgrounds and emotive landscapes.

Watch the video for some creative ideas!

Watch the video!

What Jane says

Colour Wheel Layercake palettes each house 6 colours that can satisfy specific colour cravings!



Combine them with the full size LayerCake palettes to extend the range of colours!

LayerCakes are creamy opaque watercolor paints unlike anything you’ve ever painted with before!
These dreamy paints dry to a matte, velvety finish which makes them ideal for layering both on themselves and other mediums.
The opaque coverage they have on light and dark paper is magical!

You can use a spray fixative/varnish for thicker applications.


What you might like to know

Each Colour Wheel comes with a Sticker that you can use it to label your swatching pages or place on the inside of your colour wheel Lid for name reference.

For best results:

  • do not oversaturate the paint pans with water or leave brushes in water for extended periods of time, or over-night.
  • After use, let the paint cakes and brushes dry, and store with the cover closed.
  • Do not leave in extreme temperatures.
  • Thick application made need a spray fixative to stop colour transfer

In thicker application you can add a spray of Matte fixative varnish or cheap hairspray over the top to help everything stay put.

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 5 cm

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