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‘Heavy Petal’ Pigment Pebbles | Add your sparkle!

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3D pebble of sparkling pigment!
Drop into your inks to make them sparkle!
Create watercolour pans
Use with brush, dip pen, mister!
Ethically sourced & non-toxic

Pigment Pebbles™ bring magic to the art experience.

Their unique 3D form is a delight and will make you smile, but they are SO PRACTICAL! This is because Pigment Pebbles™ make handling pigment easy! No measuring, no mixing, just smiling.

Heavy petal colours:

Watch the video!

What Jane says

The glimmer in Pigment Pebbles is magic!

Now I know that many of my beloved Davenpeeps are perfectly at home using our pigments (Fairy Dust and Welcome Matte pigments), but some have resisted pigments because they seem a little more complex to use. Pigment Pebbles™ allow everyone to step into the magical world of pigments with ease  – actually you will feel more like you are levARTating into this next level of art supplies! 

Pigment Pebbles™ absolutely elevate all they touch!

In my opinion art supplies are always awesome, but there are some that transform your creative time into another dimension because  they heighten the experience of creating. They remind us that making art and playing with colour is an incredible priviege and astounding use of our precious time. Pigment Pebbles are the new monarch of such supplies. 

Just drop a Pigment Pebble (or more!) into your ink to make it sparkle.

Create an instant Ink:
Add a few drops of water to a pebble, & allow it to melt into a sparkling liquid.  Apply with a brush as a sheer sparkle.

ADD Shimmer to ink:
Drop a Pigment Pebble into an ink bottle to add their magic! As the shimmer settles, shake bottle to re-activate.

Drop a Pebble into your ink sprays to add glimmer!

CREATE Watercolours :
Place a Pebble in the shell (or any pan), add a few drops of Kinder Binder gum arabic mixture. Let the pebble melt, and occasionally stir with a toothpick  until level. Leave to set for a day or so. For optimum shimmer,  activate with a drop of water & leave for few minutes before use.

What you might like to know

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 5 cm

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