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Large Watercolour Gessoh! | Create watercolour loving surfaces!

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Prepare a surface for watercolour
Easy to spread
Beautiful blending effects
Made in the UK!
Dries to a white, paper-like finish

Life is simply too short for crappy paper and this is especially true for watercolour!

Watercolour can be quite fussy with what it will ‘perform’ on so rather than continue to be restricted with paper choice, so in playful terms, we can add a ‘blankie’ to any paper and give watercolour what it needs to feel happy and perfectly confident!

The Watercolour Ground isn’t a ‘pulp’ type of medium, and it doesn’t replicate a particular watercolour paper. Greater than that, it is an acrylic primer that you paint on to create a surface that allows watercolour to flow with the freedom it loves!

This concept is best explained visually. In this image I applied the WaterColour Gessoh on the right side over watercolour paper and you can clearly see a difference in the behaviour of the colours. They blend and interact differently, and I find that colours appear more distinct and more vivid.

You can  Watercolour Gessoh with a palette knife or old credit card for a smooth effect, and even sand it for an eggshell surface. But I apply it with messy brush strokes to create texture that allows for extra interest when I add colour!

With this exciting new Gessoh, virtually anything you’ve imagined of painting with watercolour  and inks can be done!

Watch the video!

What Jane says

Works beautifully with watercolours & thinned acrylics.

  • Use Watercolour Ground straight from the container.
  • One coat will cover most surfaces.
  • Let the Watercolour Gessoh dry & cure before you add your colour.
  • Add a little Joyful Gessoh to tint to a new colour.


What you might like to know

Watercolour Gesso is a specialised acrylic base opaque primer made for watercolours and inks. Use it to create a watercolour friendly surface on any paper, card or MDF. Apply with brush, sponge or roller. Made In UK. 150ml pot.

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 5 cm

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