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All my life I have had the incredible opportunity to travel. Experiencing different cultures, ways of life and seeing the world broaden my own horizons and make me appreciate my home like nothing else.

And when I do travel I try and make opportunities to learn.  I love meeting other artists and watching them in action. I don’t concern myself with being overly-influenced by others work ( even if I wish i was!) because I know my own style and like a boomerang, it always comes back to me.  But I can learn from and love an others work. Watching an Artist create is like witnessing magic.

Tonja Sell is a phenomenally talented artist from Wisconsin. I will leave her website to show you more of her incredible work and her story in her own words ( click here).  Go ahead, treat your eyeballs!

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 5.16.07 pmNot only does Tonja create visually compelling, emotive artwork, she is an excellent teacher. She has the rare skill of being able to explain what she is doing, when she is doing it. Discussing why we make choices for colour and composition as we create is not easy, trust me! It is a talent I have taken care to develop within my own self and something I greatly admire in other artists-who teach, because it takes so much finessing to stay alert and conversational as we create and stay in that intuitive, art-making part of our being as well.

Tonia Sell workshop-Jane Davenport-10

And yes, Tonja and I  felt a little bit of kindred spirit connection!
And of course we have made grand plans of her coming to The Nest next year!

Tonia Sell workshop-Jane Davenport-15

I need to spend more time with Tonja, both as a  graceful, generous, gentle person
and as a talent that I greatly admire.


The retreat I went on was in Arivaca in Arizona.

I had a wonderful time with my fellow students
overlooking a dry Arizona winter garden visited by 3 pairs of fluorescent red Cardinals.

Tonia Sell workshop-Jane Davenport-12It was cold at night, and blissfully warm in the day.
I took myself on a few early morning walks along dusty tracks and wide open space.
Tonia Sell workshop-Jane Davenport-11
I posted images on Instagram of my trip and what I created.
( check them out here) .

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 5.53.25 pm

 It was a restful, liberating adventure.

  Tonia Sell workshop-Jane Davenport-13

So if there is a retreat with an artist who’s talent you admire, go.Tonia Sell workshop-Jane Davenport-14
Have an adventure.



p.s. for what Events i have coming up at The Nest, and beyond, you can click here

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  • Tami Eveslage

    Great post! I just treated myself to your book and some time for sketchbook play, as a birthday present, and I was just popping in to say that YOU have that rare combination of artistic skill and teaching ability! I’m an artist and teacher, who also very much enjoys being a student as well! This Picasso quote speaks to the teaching artist’s soul I think: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

  • Michelle

    Always ready for a new art adventure! Take care Jane.

  • Robyn Wood

    I’m glad to see you having art adventures and being the student Jane. It is so enriching to the soul and nourishing to the artist inside you. We all benefit from your trips away & time with other artists and I really love to see how your style changes by those subtle & sometimes not so subtle nudges. It is easy to see that your style really suits you in boomeranging back. I think the fact that it does that is a good lesson for us all.
    Tonja’s work is magical – it would be wonderful to learn from her in the Nest. We owe you a huge debt of gratitude for bringing fantastics artists Downunder for us to learn from. xx

  • Coral Lee

    I love seeing the work you create when you are a student in workshops. The mix of your own style and the teachers influence is facinating. Love the idea of bommerang-ing back to your own style though. So easy to be influenced by others sometimes and having a little art envy but your own style calls you back. You always seem to have such grand art adventures! Feeling the need for some myself 🙂

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