Wonders of Wonderland!

Wonderland has been a rather epic journey so far!

I have loved the combination of Watercolour and Alice.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 6.00.20 pm

I have just updated the invitation video to reflect the workshop art:


And you can see the amazing artwork, well, a tiny little smattering of all the amazing artwork , here
(prepare to be AMAZED!!!)

Wonderland students 2

Of course I can TELL you about how breathtakinly fantastic the workshop has been in terms of fun and learning, but I  am completely biased, yes?
So I asked my students to write me some Testimonials of their experience…

testimonial-DH MC EY
“Always loved watercolours but was afraid to use them.  After taking the online course, Wonderland, they are now one of my favourite art supplies and I use them on everything!  This course is so much fun, full of inspiring tutorials and beautiful artwork.  Thanks to Jane Davenport I now have the confidence to not only pull out my watercolours, I can’t even imagine not using them!”

Wonderland students 3testimonial-DH MC EY

Wonderland is my 5th workshop with the amazing Jane Davenport. What fun it has been to combine this classic Alice in Wonderland story with lessons in watercolor! It’s been endless fun and I’ve learned so much about paint, color theory, materials, tools and composition. I come back again and again to Jane’s lessons because of the generous gift of so many videos and the easy way she has of explaining her techniques but also because Jane is so much fun to learn from, a wealth of information and techniques. Our Facebook groups are full of super talented folks as well as those just starting out and I am inspired by both! I am a die-hard Davenpeep and highly recommend Jane’s classes to all levels of artists!
Gina Lighton
West Hills, California


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 8.11.18 amtestimonial-SM IHDg

“Wonderland” was my first Jane Davenport class.  I had been hesitant because the subject matters Jane teaches are a bit more whimsical than I normally work with but I’d purchased her beautiful faces book and really like the way the faces come together and the step by step approach so decided since it was the only active class, I’d jump on it.
I am SO HAPPY that I took the plunge to become a “Davenpeep.”  I had fun, I enjoyed so much Jane’s giving but focused approach to getting us through the lessons and the  class participation.  The overall positive nature that she exudes, and makes class participants live by, is truly catching.
Jane uses very inventive ways of teaching how to work with watercolor so in the end I learned so much that I can translate to other work that I do – and I got to make paper dolls!  This class was whimsical but I truly got into it and had fun!
Would I have liked more specific face making practice?  Sure – but Jane was very forthright about which other classes would offer me what I wanted – and just practicing and watching her work has improved my face drawing skills.  I feel like a member of a really special club now and so much more confident with my watercolor – I know that I will continue to work in my book and for me that is an important take away from this very fun class!  T
he class was working with Alice in Wonderland characters but I see myself using the many processes we learned in so many ways going forward.  And full disclosure – I enrolled in Miss Quoted and have found exactly what I wanted to add to my skill set!  Thanks, Jane!

Kristin Johnsen


Wonderland students 4testimonial-joynal frolic

The Wonderland class was wonderful and so much more than I could have dreamed.  The class videos were so fun, encouraging, descriptive, and mesmerizing.  I was on pins and needles anticipating the next week’s lessons.  I have painted with Watercolors for a long time and this class opened my eyes and taught me new and wonderful techniques and yet I feel that beginners would have no trouble with the lessons.  I especially liked the use of the Alice in Wonderland story and theme.  I had never read the book and I became thoroughly engaged.  The Facebook group is full of people with all levels of experience.  The members are so helpful and encouraging.  It is wonderful to be part of such a lovely international group.  This was my first class with Jane and it will not be my last.
Barb Larskey
Wonderland students 1

testimonial-SM IHDg

“Jane, and the way she teaches the Wonderland course in particular, have contributed so much to my understanding of watercolour, and curiously also, a better understanding of the human form in a lighthearted way.  Tumbling Alices, paper dolls, fashion, drama, small, big and in between, this class has it all!  From instruction on brushes, paper and paints, to the application and use of all these wonderful tools, Jane makes all this learning fun and leaves everyone feeling encouraged and happy.  Learning to take risks is a big part of the course and how to combat ‘perfectionists’ is high on the agenda.  All artists know that enjoying the artistic process contributes to a free flowing loose and engaging artwork, so this course is not only for beginners, but for artists who are looking to break through some barriers and have some serious, but very beneficial FUN!”


“Jane, I have been so blessed by your winter wonderland class, thank you so much. First, it has given me the confidence to strike out and attempt watercolors. a medium I thought I would never grasp. Your videos and “homework” truly helped me become more confident and I even felt like an artist. especially the day my husband (a watercolorist) saw my work and left a note for me ahich said simply, “truly impressive”. Above all else I am so happy when I see your smiling face on the video intro, as well as your silliness. I cannot be sad while doing your workshops. Thank you for helping me see my artist hidden inside me.”.

I have more ( because Davenpeeps are the most generous, lovely artists ever!) but I think you get the picture that we had a huge amount of fun!
We created Paper Dolls from the Mad tea Party, Tumbling Alices, Tiny Alices, Giant Alices…. all while learning about watercolour, colour mixing and being bold on the paper!

The Self Paced workshop is open right now and you can join with a

click-here-Buttonxoxox Jane/Danger

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