Water Color Recipes 2

 In Jane Davenport Mixed Media, JDMM


Victory Nichols has some more of her Jane D Mixed Media watercolour recipes. I LOVE her descriptions of how the colors make her feel!

Mystic + Dove

   A really pretty, soft lavender. This color relaxes me immediately.
Best Friend + Mango + Frida
  I used to be one of those people who didn’t get why anyone likes orange, BUT, then I had a beautiful red-headed baby who looks amazing in orange. Since then, my eyes have been opened, and I realize that orange can add an element of joy like no other color. This is a perfect tangerine color, and it makes me very, very happy.
Jimminy + Mermaid
  This is the perfect Kelly green. I would use it in a mermaid’s tail, along with my Byron Bay mermaid marker. Yum!
70’s Eyeshadow + Mermaid
  This color takes me back to memories of standing on the front of a catamaran off of the Napali Coast in Hawaii, while dolphins (including a baby and an albino!) played all around me. It’s such a happy, peaceful, summery color.
Butterfly + Mermaid + Cocoa
  I love this green, because it’s deep without going flat. This is a green velvet cloak that I would wear truffle-hunting in the woods. Of course, adventure would follow!butterflymermaidcocoa
Thank you Victory!
You can find the Watercolours here:
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  • shearercustoms

    I love love LOVE turquoise! Here is my favorite combination, for a darker shade I added more butterfly … 70’s eyeshadow + mermaid + butterfly a BEAUTIFUL happy color 🙂 I love the first two colors together as well and playing with the colors helped me find this color I adore. Anxiously awaiting the new supplies, I can’t wait for your new products to hit the shelves here in the United States, of course the new beautiful turquoise pen is first on my list!!

  • Ann-Sofie

    Looooove these. Please, please, please share more 🙂

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