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I have been so deeply excited about launching this new workshop, that I was starting to dither… getting caught up in my PERFECTIONITIS. That’s because ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is one of my favourite stories. It is so rich in drama, message and fun. I collect Alice books and just adore seeing the myriad of ways artists bring their own interpretation to Lewis Carroll’s words.

But just like Alice, I decided to dive in and enter into Wonderland…

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 2.25.51 pm

Can you believe, when I was in London last month, I actually met Alice,
The Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit at Picadilly Circus?
They invited me to their tea party!

(As you can see in the video, I certainly haven’t lost any of my enthusiasm for my workshops!)

In the tradition of ‘Mermaid Circus’ I love mashing up two favourite things to create something new. In Wonderland I take my favourite story and characters and mix them liberally with my favourite art medium:


Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 5.02.18 pmWatercolour is just like the Cheshire Cat...
you never quite know what it is going to do… or what the effects will be…

Watercolour is just like the Mad Hatter
brilliant, whacky and not quite in step with you,
but a true friend none the less.

Watercolour is just like the White Rabbit
It rushes, then stops and ponders, only to change it’s mind and direction,
but always ends up where it was going anyway.

Watercolour can be just like the Queen of Hearts
dramatic and unforgiving!

Watercolour makes me feel like Alice.

I must be brave with my brush once I start my journey across the page,
as there is no going back.
I am drawn on to see what comes next, trusting that my curiosity and wits
will get me through whatever comes along my path.
I must collaborate with watercolor just as Alice had to
with the characters she meets on her many adventures

I want to share my passion and love for this unique medium with you.

I think that with the rich heritage of the Wonderland stories,
You and I will make beautiful, meaningful artwork.



In this HUGE workshop, I have planned amazing, delectable, technique-rich lessons.
The LIVE portion will run for 8 weeks.
You then have Lifetime Access.
There is a Facebook group and all the fun stuff you expect from one of my workshops.

All the class info is here:


If you are ready to join, you can right here:



curiouser & curiouser

There are a few things that
are new for this workshop.

Daniel Smith have given me Dot Cards for all Wonderland participants!
We will send them wherever you are in the world.
This way we can all join in on the amazing things these watercolours can do!
Daniel Smith Dots- Jane DavenportALSO!

I have a few little treasures that I have been saving up for the people who are most excited about my workshops.

Look at these tiny Alice Charms that I found in Japan! I snaffled all that were in the store so I could gift them to the first people who decided to head off on this next wonderful adventure with me! The first people to join the workshop will be sent them with their Dot cards. They are the sweeeeeetest little things! I wish I had them for everyone, but I only have a few – so be quick!

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 4.33.51 pm

 I cannot wait to share the
techniques and happy vibrancy
I bring to all my workshops!


I hope you enjoy the details of the workshop and are curious to come and join in the artventure!


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  • carole

    I entered a small gift of Christmas in advance (france) I am all excited at the idea of starting Wonderland, I’m already in the land of wonders

  • Cary Scholes

    I have a strange feeling this class is what I am getting for Christmas! Yay! Kinda figured it out when hubby said “How do you sign onto Jane’s website?” I’m assuming he isn’t signing up for himself!

  • Pam Martin

    So excited! Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorites. Been waiting for days to jump onboard!

  • naomi Cox

    squeeeeeeeeaaaaalllll I am so excited.

  • Cara

    I can’t wait. Thank you for the inspiration Jane!

    Oh and hope I was lucky enough to get in early for the charms, what a beautiful reminder to get creative!

  • carole

    Hello, I’d like attending me the workshop Wonderlant but my great regred discount code does not work?

  • Kaz

    I’m in! Love the magic of watercolors and Alice!

  • Marysu (who still loves you hugely!!)

    Is it really time?? Well, almost!! Down the rabbit hole I go!!

  • Terri

    I’m not late!!

  • Marianna Imboden Predikaka (Danslaterre)

    What are “Schmincke Watercolors” DOT-CARD’S ?????

    • Jane Davenport

      Hi MArianna,
      there are links in the blog you can click to discover these lovely things.

  • Val

    Wonderful Watercolour Wonderland Wizardry – can’t wait!

  • Julia

    Whoo hoo!!! I can’t wait for all the yumminess of this 🙂

  • Liame

    So excited about this class. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories, Jane one of my favourite teachers, watercolor is becoming one of my favourite mediums – how much better could things get! Also hope I’m one of the lucky people to get a charm, I met the Mad a Hatter and Queen of Hearts in Disneyland this year, so much fun!

    • Patti

      Liame, thats funny I just wrote nearly the same thing on my Facebook page as your wrote here. I have had Mad Hatter tea parties with friends and couldn’t be more excited for the class to begin.

      Jane What a brilliant combo!!!

  • cheryl razmus

    All that magic and pressies too!

  • Jane

    I joined up! And then I scrolled down and read about the Alice charms! Can’t wait xxx so excited.

  • Annette

    Wow I’m in wonderland heaven

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