Scholarship winners!

WOW – 600 + entries for the Scholarship – you all kept my eyeballs VERY busy!

Here are our winners:

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.39.36 pm

Laura Quick
“My favorite fairy tale heroine is Thumbelina.  Like most other heroines she faces several trials; being kidnapped, washing down-stream, being alone, surviving winter elements, and then playing servant to a field mouse and being told she has to wed an ugly mole.  Through it all she adapts and still shows kindness to a swallow who is trapped underground during the winter (and who) ends up saving her from marrying the mole.  All’s well that ends well when she and swallow land far away and find a tiny prince just like Thumbelina – they fall in love (of course) and live happily ever after.  Through the whole story there’s a lot of descriptions of flora and fauna – reminding me of flower faeries.  It’s just a beautiful story and one that I remember well from childhood.  The only story that I remember liking more was Black Beauty (whom I would have chosen if we weren’t specifically talking about fairy tale heroines here – lol!)

Jane – I took one of your classes, Express Yourself in 2014, and later that year was laid off from my job of 17 years…it was actually a blessing in disguise.  At 51, I am now going to college full time – just getting ready to start my 3rd semester of online classes (one of which is advanced digital art and design – so exciting!). Taking your class – Express Yourself – gave me the confidence to realize that online college was something  I could also do.  I am going for an AS degree in Information Technology and Web Design.

Taking your class also helped me realize that in the future, I want to do work that involves creativity and art because it’s what I love to do and it makes me so happy.  At this point in my life that’s what is most important!  Jane, the energy and very part of yourself that you give to all of us is so very much appreciated.  Just thought you’d like to hear how very inspired I was after going through the Express Yourself class  – it helped me to be confident, positive and make some life changing decisions at a time when I could have been completely devastated.”

Jan Johnson

“I love Mulan, which before it was an animated movie was an ancient story from China – I have the original translated.  She is special to me as my life-long dream to be a mom came true when I was 38 and I adopted my first daughter from China as an 11-month-old.  The movie Mulan came out that year, I believe, and I loved how while Mulan was beautiful, the most important thing about her was her love and devotion to her father and her bravery and willingness to stand up for what is right.  That became one of my daughter, Lily’s, favorite childhood movies, along with her sister Jing who I adopted at the age of almost 7 five years later.  They are now going into 12th grade, and my second daughter is an amazing artist.

This course looks like amazing fun and so much to learn!  I have neglected my art while working from home and raising and homeschooling my kids, and now I’m ready to take off again.  I’ve been so timid and afraid to try much of anything, but this looks like something I could relax and have fun with!  Thanks for the chance to win it.”

and sorry, but Peta Devincentis picked ME as her Fairytale heroine… so I am flattered and also need to educate her a little  – lol!

“Jane YOU are my favourite Fairytale Heroine…I mean what an awesome opportunity you are giving away here! You are going to totally change the lives of 3 lucky people with this! The world of creativity these three lucky winner will open up will be a totally amazing experience…not just for themselves, but also for anyone that they want share their beautiful art journaling skills with!
You are such an inspiration to us all and I would love the chance to win your scholarship. Thankyou so much for  creating Joynal and the opportunity to access your most magical workshop.”


Thank you all do much for joining in the fun of this.

I hope to see you in JOYnal.


It starts next week – and is crammed pack with drawing wings, faces, figures, fairies, mermaids, elves and a whole bunch more! This is some of the student work from the class…. delicious!!!!Joynal-student-work

have a wonderful weekend – and maybe I will see you in class!




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