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First off – full disclosure, when I crafted my Newsletter yesterday, I was still definitely semi-delirious from the recent horrors of the vomit-virus. ugh ugh ugh.
Today I feel ‘like myself’ a bit more and can clearly see that yesterday, I was still … rubbish. lol!

So today… I have woken to 600 amazing entries in the Scholarship to read – so I won’t be announcing that until tomorrow! ( so you still have time to scroll down to the correct post and enter  – must be on the correct post to count!)

AND… I had many emails about the mistake in my Newsletter… sigh…
The big one was The Wonderland discount expiry date. I didn’t update it ( sorry!)


Mad Hatter Discount Code expires January 26th

The code to enter at check out is:

Depending on the exchange rate, the FULL PRICE of
The Wonderland Watercolour Workshop is $175 USD

With the Mad Hatter discount:
155 USD
220 AUD
106 Pounds
148 Euro
215 CAD

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 2.25.51 pm


wonderland-blueIn this HUGE workshop, I have planned amazing, delectable, technique-rich lessons.
The LIVE portion will run for 8 weeks.
You then have Lifetime Access.
There is a Facebook group and all the fun stuff you expect from one of my workshops.

All the class info is here:


If you are ready to join, do it HERE!



i hope you join the fun!

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  • leslie williamson

    Okay Jane, I know this is probably unrealistic, but due to a blizzard starting today on the East coast of the US (from DC to Boston – I’m outside DC) there will be thousands of us, probably many of your students, snowed in for at least two or three days. How lovely it would be to be able to start Wonderland when we will all have nothing but time on our hands!!!!!!! Any possibility of releasing even one lesson prior to 1/26? I do have Express Yourself and I Heart Drawing to keep me occupied and haven’t finished either workshop yet, but to have Wonderland – Heaven!!

  • Kari Nanstad

    My favorite is the Rabbit with the Watch and the Hat!

  • Teresa Willis

    My favorite character is the Cheshire Cat

  • Kathleen

    I would love the scholarship your art has been inspiring me for years now and just enjoy the way you teach. I know that everyone who follows you feels the same and I’m aspiring to someday meet you face to face and take one of your retreats but this would be awesome for now.

  • fay copeland

    I would love to win this scholarship. I took your mermaid class at Donna Downey’s studio I came back inspired and made a mermaid for my granddaughter and it is hanging over her bed

  • Chris Shaw

    Hi Jane, I would love to be the winner of your FABULOUS Scholarship. My favorite character is Alice, well and the white rabbit, and maybe the Madhatter too, but the Queen is interesting too, and the frog and the unicorn, maybe the dragon…. Too many great characters to zero in on a favorite. hahaha. But I will say my favorite version is the original written story because you get to imagine it the way you want it when it is read. Love the plays on logic. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Hope I’m not too late!!! You are the best!

  • Terri Young

    Jane, I adore all your work! I have several of your classes and refer to them constantly. I always see and learn something new each time. Thank you so much for the opportunity to actually win/receive one of your classes! Keeping my brushes crossed!

  • Sue Keenan

    Thank you for the chance to win. My favorite character is Alice. She is brave, curious, and has a positive attitude.

  • Mel Ting

    I love Alice and her adventures in Wonderland so much, she is mostly what I’ve drawn or painted the past few months, and she has become my friend, keeping company. ( https://m.facebook.com/NowMelTing ) When I saw this workshop, I couldn’t believe how fortunate I was. I know I’ll learn a lot. I hope to win the work shop so I can use the money I saved towards the actual pants and colours Miss Davenport uses. Learning to use the correct pallet and product is going to make a huge difference in my Alive Art.

    • Mel Ting

      That was suppose to say Alice Art, but I know the workshop will help my Alive Art come alive. 🙂

  • Rita Hatcher

    I love the Cheshire Cat:) it would be a blast to win a spot in this class, it would make me smile for a while lol. Sending you love and light. Thank you.

  • Janet

    Absolem, the blue catapiler from Tim Burton’s version…..

  • Kathleen Thompson

    Would love to win a scholarship to this course!! Love Alice and everything to do with her!!

  • Tamsin Flannery

    I believe in 6 impossible things before breakfast, I am counting me winning the wonderland scholarship as 1 of those 6 impossible things today 🙂 and hopefully the fact that I’m late I’m late I’m late for a very important date won’t affect my chances of winning 🙂

  • Jane

    I’ve got to say the White Rabbit is my favourite. He’s the one who leads Alice down the rabbit hole on an amazing adventure. I love his sense of purpose in amongst all the dream like qualities of the story. Fingers crossed to win the scholarship. Thanks Jane xxx

  • Sandra Schmidt

    Ohhhh….I’m “not” late, I’m “not” late…. for a very important date!! Thanks Jane, for this opportunity ! So sweet of you! Sounds like and amazing course! I would love to win the scholarship award!

  • Jenni Edgar

    Alice is my favourite character my dreams at night are often like Alice’s adventures. It would be great to win the scholarship water colour is my favourite medium at the moment

  • Cindy Hogan

    I am so very chuffed to do your online classes Jane. Each one is my favourite. My art work, and in fact, my whole life is changed for the better. I’d love to join you in Wonderland and meet Alice in Watercolour with all the other Davenpeeps. Thank you for the chance to win a spot in this class. Cindy

  • Joan Miron

    I would be incredibly happy to win a scholarship to your on-line class. Wonderland and all the help from you as the instructor. I can just feel my imagination exploding and having the videos to teach me how to utilize the mediums and push my creativity. What a wonderful and generous gift from you Jane. Hope you are feeling much better by tomorrow . Joanie

  • Patti klein

    I am hoping this is where I apply for the scholarship for the class. I feel so drawn to Alice and her adventure these days. I would love to take a class with you, as I have the faces book and just love it! Thanks for the consideration.


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