Express Yourself online art workshop starts on Feb 3rd

express-yourself-logoThe whole class has been moved from the Artini Site and everything is ready for the NEW start on Feb 3rd!

You can join here: click

If you are already a member, Angus will move you across to the new classroom by Feb 3rd. Just wait for the email with the instructions, as we are doing most of the work for you.

Express Yourself is an in-depth online Drawing Workshop that shares exactly how to get expression and feeling into your artwork. We will be exploring a whole range of human emotion and how to successfully convey that into your mixed media faces.

Drawing is theatre and in ‘Express Yourself’ I share how to add life and drama to your artwork.
All of these people that live in our pencils and pens are facets of ourselves that want to be heard.

Being able to draw confidently unbottles your creativity and delivers a joy that flows into the rest of your life.


“Last night I watched all the videos in the ‘subtle changes’ lesson. Thank you for showing the wonderful birth of a character in your creative process, I learned so much! I love the way you share knowledge – your teaching and communicative skills are extraordinary. Every day I wake up excited to travel in a world I’ve always wanted to journey through and you are providing the skills and the chance for me to practice the skills I need for the adventure.  Express Yourself is a dream come true.

Thank you, Jenni Edgar”

(We will launch straight into the expressions, so if this is your first class with me, you may be best starting with Supplies Me where I teach the basics of constructing the face as well as show you how to use your art supply stash.)

Express Yourself contains 10 Lesson showing a variety of artwork and techniques.


Lesson List:

  • Creating an ‘An Emotion Map’.
  • The Expression Gallery.
  • Subtle Changes: the power of eyebrows!
  • Growing Up: taking a face from childhood to adulthood.
  • Realistic Eyes: a lesson involving socks and a lemon that will have you looking at eyes in a whole new way!
  • Laughing.
  • Pouting
  • Determined, haughty, arrogant and beautiful upturned faces
  • Downturned Faces: Shy, wistful, sleepy
  • Advanced Shading for all these new expressions!


All of these people that live in our pencils and pens are facets of ourselves that want to be heard.
Express Yourself will show you how to introduce realistic flourishes into your whimsical faces.


Live class starts on Feb 3rd!

Workshop FAQ’s

Journal making with the kids

I just spent a joyous few days with my dear little nephews and niece.
journaling with kids 5
The big news with them is they got a little bunny each. It’s so cute watching the way they cuddle and look after them.

journaling with kids 2

not sure which one is cuter…!

Sketching the bunnies became a very fun personal challenge, and I was flooded with memories of my own beloved bunnies over the years.

journaling with kids 2 (1)

journaling with kids 3 (1)

Sophie and I have been drawing together and making journals for quite some time, but the boys have not really shown an interest until now – and wow! How things have changed! Sophie had a pre-arranged play date and disappeared for half the day. I was a bit sad at first because I live so far away from her, and I was looking forward to every precious moment. But it turned out wonderfully because it gave me and the twins some time together – just us.

We spent HOURS painting and making little folded journals. No stitching, but lots of painting! This high energy tag-team were so absorbed with making different colours for each page. It was a truly wonderful way to spend a very hot afternoon and I’ve never seen them so quiet in waking hours. They took great delight in making the most unusual, amazing colour and pattern combos

journaling with kids 1

Even Buttons joined in! It was interesting for me that the boys did not want to ‘collaborate’… they were very much wanting to work on their own books. Whereas Sophie and I have always worked in conjunction with each other when we are arting. I wondered if that was their age, or that they are little dudes, or just an individual thing?

journaling with kids 3

When Sophie joined us with her little friends later in the day, we all made Pizzas. (Angus made the dough and was very chuffed with himself – they were totally delicious!). We listened and danced to ‘What does the fox say’ a million times.

journaling with kids 1 (1)

The days passed in a whirl of laughing, drawing and music! I made two Journals with Sophie – we used cardboard from Christmas present packaging  for the covers. Freddy and Oscar ended up making 3 journals each – right down to little mini ones – it was a hoot! They were filling them with drawings of rabbits when I left – and I hope they keep it up for a while.
It’s so awesome to experience how a bit of paper, and a few paints make for so much fun and bind hearts closer together.

Do you have a little one you can make a journal with?

Joyful times!








Win a spot! 21 Secrets Live broadcast starts January 15th.

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21 SECRETS is turning five years old this 2014

In a radically different way…
We are bringing the LIVE! workshops home to you!

Starting January 15 your host Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio and a past 21 SECRETS teacher will meet every Wednesday at 6pm EST for a LIVE! video broadcast where you can art journal along with us in real time, ask us questions through a chat format, laugh your hiney off, sip margaritas, and feel like we’re right there with you in your studio LIVE!
Can’t make the LIVE! broadcasts? No problemo! Each 21 SECRETS LIVE! broadcast is recorded and available for all members to keep and return to again and again!
But the party doesn’t just stop there–we’ll keep the loving going in a private Facebook group and Flickr gallery too–so you can share your work, give and receive feedback, and be a part of a heart-centered supportive community of Artists!
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer   Dion Dior   Jane Davenport   Andrea Schroeder   Aimee Myers Dolich
Alma Stoller Carissa Paige Dale Anne Potter Violette Clark Roben-Marie Smith
Rachel Whetzel Natasha Reilly Rae Missigman Diana Trout Gretchen Miller
Hali Karla Rachel Awes Traci Bunkers Lisa Wilson Kate Crane
Tracy Verdugo Kelly Barton Connie Hozvicka (Your Host)


  • 21 SECRETS LIVE! will be broadcasted on a LIVE! private Spreecast video for 21 consecutive Wednesdays at 6pm EST starting Wednesday, January 15, 2014 through June 4, 2014. Spreecast cost nothing to join.
  • Connie Hozvicka will be your host along with an honored teacher each week.
  • Each workshop is geared towards getting us art journaling LIVE! together as a community–please do not fret over what supplies you need–bring what you got and what you can afford!
  • Each broadcast will last 90 minutes where the teacher will art journal LIVE! from their studio sharing what they are doing, answering questions, and chatting along with Connie and YOU!
  • As a live participant you can use the chat box located on the Spreecast platform to dialogue with us and the 21 SECRETS LIVE! community.
  • There will also be an optional private Facebook group and Flickr gallery where you are welcome to keep the conversation going once the broadcast is over and post your art work.
  • Within 48 hours after the broadcast you will receive a downloadable PDF to keep that will list notes from the broadcast, information about the honored teacher, and a permanent link to the broadcast that you can refer to again and again.

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21 SECRETS LIVE! begins January 15, 2014 and consists of 21 consecutive Wednesdays where your host Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio and one of the following teachers will be LIVE! for an art journaling workshop and fun!
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All the teachers in 21 SECRETS LIVE! have taught in one or two years of the previous 21 SECRETS!

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one of two spaces!


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Thank you for all the comments below:

and the winners are:

Linda Nilsson

How cool to be able to take part in live classes and ask questions in a chat! I don’t know any other artists in real life so to be able to play along as it happens would be a dream. Much love!



This class sounds absolutely amazing. I’m a student at the moment and I get very little time for myself. Art journaling is one of the thing I try to make time for. This class would be amazing way to help get my head out of the books and onto the page. Thanks for giving me a chance. Greetings from France!!

Have fun!



Cover Girl – Pages Art Journal Magazine

CPS Pages

I created a fun little Journal for Pages Art Journaling magazine by Cloth Paper Scissors – it’s all about drawing hair.

It’s a great issue, some lovely articles and ideas I want to try too!

Click this image to go look for the magazines:

A quiet revolution

Cathie Stevenson : Before and After Module 1

Cathie Stevenson : Before and After Module 1

I haven’t told you about what’s happening in my Print & Scan workshop. MAGIC! That is what’s going on.

The participating artists are clearly at ease with their art materials and creating wonderful artwork. But most are new to reproducing their work. Learning something new is challenging – especially when it involves a whole new medium. We can so quickly enter into that horrid overwhelmed feeling.

Serena Bridgeman: Before and After Module 1

Serena Bridgeman: Before and After Module 1

When you are feeling overwhelmed, it impossible to learn – your brain just can’t take any more info! I see my promise to my students as  not only presenting new skills and techniques in a fun and entertaining way, but also as delivering it in manageable proportions. This comes down to my experience and listening carefully to participants.

Print and Scan is a very new type of class. The material in it is all new and so are the tools we are using for most participants.

But can I just tell you how  PROUD I am of my students. I mean yodel-on-top-of-the-mountains proud! I asked people to be super-responsible and responsive to their emotional state as they are learning in this class. With art, you can sit down feeling el-crappo and being creative will unkink the soul. When you are learning, trying to bravely push through a fragile state-of-mind just leads to overwhelm.

Lisa LaVoi: Before and After Module 1

Lisa LaVoi: Before and After Module 1

Instead, each artist is approaching the material in their own time and gaining confidence with each tool before moving on. For a computer-based class there is a lot of fun and beauty going on!

Ely Lugo : Before and After Module 1

Ely Lugo : Before and After Module 1

Pictures is some of the results participants have achieved from our first Module. I SO wish I had been able to do this class when I first started as an Artist.
Nayana Illiffe: Before and After Module 1

Nayana Illiffe: Before and After Module 1

There are so many more success stories I could show you! We are taking work out of our journals, textile arts and canvases and giving it a whole new life. Sometimes the differences are very subtle, but so telling. Other times, there is a huge jump in the artwork. Either way, the artwork goes from private journal page to something you can imagine on your own walls, giving as a card to someone you love or seeing in a book.

I feel like a friend and mentor to my Print & Scan girls.  I feel so excited for each of them! This is my blog, so I tend to turn everything around to be all about me, and I know the purpose of a workshop is so I can give to my students. However, I am the one receiving so much. Inspiration, excitement, joy : the happiest of emotions.

Maybe one day you will join this quiet revolution when you are ready. Maybe you will enjoy the artwork of my participants as it is given a wider audience in the future.



Links Print & Scan Workshop: click Here