My life right now:

Drawing on the trip to Melb 'Welcome to my Universe'.

The Importance of Workshops

I didn’t go to uni or college and get a Degree or any form of formal qualification. But I have never been out of ‘education’ since I started school at 5 years old. I have an [...]

My life right now:

My lesson in LifeBook is up today! I introduce a technique i first discovered studying Fashion illustration in Paris … (Such fun memories of that time!). 'Unstumpification' is a [...]

Instagram: (My life right now)

"There were whispers…" I'm reworking some journal pages as i pack for my trip to NZ as Guest Artist at the Craft Show this weekend.

Doodling saved my mind…

I’ve just been on a huge adventure in the USA and Mexico. And I have a lot to tell you… But I am sick, so, so grossly ill that I can’t tell you everything yet! As soon as  it [...]