All about the art!

  When I was scouring the universe for the info I needed on creating fine art digital prints 10 years ago, the amount of dry and dusty, techno-babble I would have to endure would send me into a [...]

Frida Koahlo News

‘Frida Koahlo’ was a lovely little koala bear that visited my garden. If you followed her story you will know that it did not have a happy ending for her. But I feel that her story [...]

Lucky Girl

There are two things that i know for a fact from experience: 1. I am a lucky Lady. 2. You make your own luck. …………… I am feeling very lucky today having received a [...]

And the Scholarships go to….

You would think that I was going to say how difficult this was. Deciding amongst over 200 stories of brilliantly shining dreams?  But it has been a joy. A wild delight to read each and every [...]

Print & Scan Scholarship

Rather than a give-away, I am offering a Scholarship for one position in my new Workshop, Print & Scan. All you need to do is tell me your dreams for your art. The things that whisper to you. [...]

Print and Scan – the first in my Professional Development Series

Oh, how I wish there was an online class that delivered what I have planned back when I was trying to figure all this overwhelming stuff out at the beginning of my career as a Professional [...]

Doodling at Dawn

Dawn De vries Sokol has created another charming book to loosen up the drawing muscles!  I am having a giveaway of a signed copy of the book. And at Dawn’s blog ( [...]


The Blog Hop has been Stencasional! And now it’s my turn to WOW you… I can draw. I love drawing! But even a  confident ‘drawer’ can find fun in stencils. Especially in the [...]

Stencil Hop -skip- jump!

When I was in Bali at my Escape Artist Retreat, we had an advance set of my new face stencils to play with! I saw some fab artwork come to life. This series shows a beautiful mermaid that Diana [...]