after 560 Entries ( wow!) the Winner for Lifebook is…

WOW – there were 560 entries in my Lifebook Give-away! Tinsel can’t count that high ( she can’t count past her age in dog years) so I turned to the the Truly Random Number [...]

Last chance to get those entries in for the Lifebook Giveaway!

I will get Tinsel to pick a winner for my Lifebook Giveaway later this afternoon… Angus and I got home from Bali at 3am…. so I’m taking the day quite slowly! Click here to view [...]

Peaceful, Easy Feeling

How good are holidays? I am in Bali taking a few days off before my Escape Artists arrive for our annual Bali Retreat. I think I’m going to have to make this a more regular thing. Maybe [...]

New Peerless colors!

Peerless Love A few years back I created a travel palette of Peerless watercolors and made a fun little video of in Paris of the watercolors in action. To make the palette, I cut a little square [...]

Too Much Awesome

Ever experienced too much awesome? (If not, well I hope it happens to you some time soon! And if you do,  well tell me about it in the comments area below – I would love to hear about your [...]