Donna Downey is coming to the Nest!

I met Donna Downey in April this year when I traveled to Charlotte to teach at her Inspired Studios.She is a bundle of fun and hilarity. In fact she could easily become a stand-up comic. Easily. [...]

The holiday is over

Unease and agitation is settling in on me a little. After two weeks of just doing whatever I felt like, I have to buckle down to some proper ‘work’. So of course I feel under pressure [...]

Loving your work

I have 14 wonderful people here at ‘The Nest’ this weekend. I was so carried away and busy with the day that I didn’t take a single photo yesterday ( apart from [...]

Make sure you are a VIP!

Christy Tomlinson just blogged about her time at ‘The Nest’ with me… and it just made me miss her even more! But I’ll see her in Idaho in April, and that’s not so [...]

Bali Escape Artist Retreat

I love Bali. We have our retreat perched about a world-class surf break, so Angus has a wonderful time “getting shacked off his tits” – it sounds awful – but its surfer [...]

A positive influence.

Christy Tomlinson is a Mixed Media super-star. I met her in April when I was lucky enough to go to a She Matters retreat at her house in Idaho. I had such a wonderful time and we really bonded. [...]

LiFEBOoK is OPEN for registration!

Lifebook 2015 is open for Registration today. But before I even talk about this Collaborative Online workshop, let me tell you about Tam Laporte! This is Tam the wonderwoman!  When Tam felt [...]

I feel radiant!

I have been having too much fun with Christy Tomlinson… she goes in two days …waaaaaaah! it’s going too quick!  I will do a proper post on everything we have been getting up to [...]