Art Retreats in Australia

I love art retreats. LOVE. It’s a chance to empty yourself of the trials and tribulations of life, and refill with artful inspiration, new friends and experiences. I have planned some VERY [...]

Drawing lessons from my own humble beginnings.

I have just completely reworked the very first workshop I ever created. ‘Draw Happy’. It was 2011 and my very first step into filming myself. When I was refilming I cringed a little [...]


I knocked myself out over this divine little number! Look at her – isn’t she  – can I say it — breathtaking? And we are receiving our advance copies this week. My hands [...]

A week of announcements!

I have quite a few big announcements to make this week. Really fun stuff! But the first is the winner for the tote bags! As you know, my tiny doglette, Tinsel, picks my winners for me, and she [...]

Get whimsical!

InterWeave, who publish Cloth Paper Scissors, my Whimsical Face DVD and all my Art Lessons: Supply Stash Series seem to be having an especially awesome sale at the moment. Did you know that they [...]

Frida is an Emotion

I have a review on the new Distress Stain Sprays over at the Cloth Paper Scissors blog today. Do you really need more sprays? Probably not, I know I don’t! But I have Rainbowitis, and the [...]