Is this really happening? My book is #1 in Painting on Amazon. #1 in Mixed Media. #1 in Human Figure Drawing. It won’t last forever, so I am relishing and cherishing these rankings as they [...]

Hang out with people you can easily adore

I had my first ‘Mentor Retreat’ this weekend. My intention with this new type of event, was to have a small group, so we could really hang out all weekend, relaxing and doing art. We [...]

WINNER announced!

Tina Gartlan – are you sitting down? YOU WON! Congratulations! What a HAUL! (Puppy is Serving Suggestion only – not included) Thank you to everyone who joined ‘Supplies [...]

Danger Faints : #1 bestseller in Mixed Media

Oh my oh my oh my!!!! My first Amazon review has appeared! It was a good one and helpful to other readers. After years of seeing the bizarre, sometimes cruel and odd reviews left on some of my [...]

Last chance for 20% off

Wow! The response to the new Supplies Me! class has been wonderful! The new classroom is buzzing with new peeps and Alumni from when Supplies Me first started 4 years ago. I love getting to know [...]

New lessons, New classroom, New Year

20% off ‘Supplies Me!’ ends in a few days Use the code: suppliesme20 January 5th: Art supply addicts around the world, unite. “The best value art supply you will ever find.” I [...]