Art Retreats are worth every effort!

Heading off on an art adventure is worth the flights, worth the time and worth every cent you need to spend to get there! For a start you get to hang out with an artist that you admire, and she [...]

Viva Frida

My Trip to Mexico City was a life-changer. Being that close to my hero, Frida Kahlo, was a dream come true. But She was just part of the fun.  Even flying in to Mexico City, I could see the extra [...]

Watercolour is beyond an art supply. It’s emotion on a palette.

Watercolour is beyond an art supply. It’s a bunch of feelings in a palette. I have stood at my studio table weeping tears of wonder and astonishment as I watch what they are capable of. [...]

I’ll be in Sydney this weekend for Finders Keepers!

I went to The Finders Keepers Brisbane at the end of last year with Miss Geri. It was exciting, fun and so cool it wouldn’t be caught dead calling itself Hipster ( it just is).  So I wanted [...]

I’ve been busy…

I need to tell you all about my trip, but that will have to wait until I have had some time with Angus and The Ladies ( Moo, Tinsel and Gesso!). In the meantime, here is my trip through the eyes [...]