Celebrate ARTober with me!

There is soooooo much happening in October that I felt it needed to be bundled up in some joy and renamed. So starting on October 1st  we have the ARTober Challenge starting that encompasses all [...]

I’m back on Life Book!

Hello! For those of you that have been part of my world for more-than-a-minute will remember that I was part of the collaborative workshop created by my friend Tam Laporte called [...]

Mermaid Delights!

I just added a fun little set for Mermaid Lovers to my store! Six delightful  mermaid tail tubes that can be used for hair care potions, lotions and paint! They even have scales embossed in their [...]

Making INKredible Markers!

Join me in this video walkthrough of using a fun kids product to extend the way you can use your INKredible Inks! A HUGE Thank you to my friend Tammy who sent me my first Marker Maker from the [...]