Buddy Study

  This lesson is in Three parts. They all started with the same seed and grew in different directions!   Start Small On either Google Image search or Pinterest, gather some images of a [...]

Perfect Palette

  The simple Palette: Supplies: DAS air dry clay: https://amzn.to/2O7HDcS Crayola Air Dry Clay: https://amzn.to/2C8MjIw Fancy Palette: I asked for tips and Joy in the group offered this [...]

Beauty and the Pig

In this lesson we start with creating a turned face from a random beginning! First, take a look at the main points for the way I create a turned face.   These examples come from my book [...]

Dot Marker

Ideal for illustrations, lettering, pointillism or stippling, scrapbooking and more! Twin-tip marker with a 0.5mm fine tip side and a flexible 'Dot' point on the other. You can draw dots of [...]

Archival Glue

Permanent, acid-free polyvinyl acetate formula that has lay-flat properties, dries clear and remains flexible. It is water soluble so it can be thinned easily to extend drying time. Formulated [...]

Mini Brads

Great little brads for fastening paper, embellishments, tags and more to scrapbook layouts, greeting cards and other paper craft projects.   DOODLEBUG-Mini-Brads. Ideal for attaching [...]

Empty Markers

A dual-tipped empty pen designed to be filled with Alcohol Blending Solution. Use to blend and lighten dry Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks already applied to non-porous surfaces like Yupo or transfer [...]

Trinket Tins

The look of vintage tins, without the rust and mis-shaping! These rustic antique-style trinket tins are ideal for adding a little classic flare when storing your supplies. This package [...]

Divine Equine

Did you long for a pony as a child? I did! In lieu of getting a pony, I learned how to draw them instead! Of course, this is just one way of drawing horses, but you can apply it to donkeys, mules [...]

The Details: Print & Play!

This is a fun exercise! You can either print and play with the version I have created for you, or colour-copy and create your own Print and Play features set! Click the link below to download the [...]

The Details: Mouth

Just as with noses and eyes, there is so much variety in mouth shapes. I want you to look at the line that forms when the lips are together. There is so much variety for us to play with in our [...]

The Details: Nose

“pea-marble-pea” That’s my little mantra when I draw noses. With these three simple shapes you can construct the framework of the nose in all it’s infinite variety! The [...]

The Details: Eyes

    I love to draw eyes! In this video I go into detail as I draw a large set of whimsical eyes.   There are some fabulous ‘supporting characters’ to the stars of the [...]

Whimsical Face in Linework

In this part of the lesson I introduce you to the methods I used to create the artwork in my ‘Whimsical and Wild’ book. . You can create a whole new line of artwork ( literally) by [...]

My Dear Wolverine

In this video I take the Warm Up Sketchercise and start to add colour with the INKredible chalk pastels. I also start a journey in drawing her wild friend… and as with all journeys the path [...]

INKredible Chalk Pastels

This is a fun and easy optional extra for you to try. The hardest part is waiting for them to dry!   Try mixing your own colours with Mermaid Markers and INKredible inks. You can find [...]

Clear Design Ruler

The Tim Holtz Design Ruler is a clear acrylic ruler that features a grid background for perfect placement, a center measuring guide, a straight edge for drawing lines, a metal edge for cutting [...]

Carabelle Stencils

The art mask is adapted for different ink and paint techniques. A mask is the reverse of a stencil. The principle is to paint and color the outside of the pattern. It is made from a durable [...]

Gelli Plate conditioner

This conditioner was developed for cleaning and conditioning your Gelli Plates. This product smells lovely! It is a gentle yet effective cleanser that acts as a stain remover and a moisture [...]