Fabulous Figures Workshop

Welcome!!!! The Folkloric Free Flowing and Fabulous Figures Workshop starts May 21, 2018. AEST 3pm ( That’s Sydney time). I will do a ‘LIVE STREAM ‘ in our Facebook Group to say [...]

Beautiful memories

I have two beautiful posts to share with you using ‘Jane Davenport Mixed Media’  and ‘Heidi Swapp Storyline’  with Maggie Massey. Click here to see the full post and this [...]

Makers Series featurette: Art Journaling

Want to hear me chat about Art Journaling, How I started and a mini art journaling tutorial? This feature was filmed at Craftsy with my friends at Michaels Stores! I hope you enjoy it! You can [...]

Do you need some Vitamin Sea?

As artists, I believe we should go where we are DRAWN. If you have a love for the creating faces and figures from your imagination, then this workshop was mermaid for you!   Dive into a whirlpool [...]

Would you do me a little favour?

Fabulous Figures is a #1 best seller and has sold out on Amazon! This makes me smile because it isn’t even up to the official publishing date yet. I really put my heart into my books, and [...]

Dove Blender Kit

The Dove Blending Pen is a revolutionary new tool. Specially formulated to make floating or blending colors easier. Use on any water-based marker, colored pencil, chalk, dye pad or pigment pad [...]

Make your own Paint Markers!

Hello, my fellow Davenpeeps! Today I am going to show you a way to use Jane’s fantastic ink brush in a whole new way and make creating beautiful faces on the go even easier. First we need to [...]

Liquid Chrome Pumpmarker

Liquid Chrome Markers from Molotow features a fine 1mm, medium 2mm, and broad 4mm tip. This exciting alcohol-based marker allows you to create high-gloss mirrored effects. It will write on almost [...]

FaberJane Eggs!

Ever since I found out Mermaid Markers are dye based, I have wanted to try them on eggs. I am delighted to report that they work beautifully! All you need is Mermaid Markers (or Inkredible Inks), [...]

The Checklist!

You can now find Jane Davenport mixed media art supplies all around the world! From the largest Arts and Crafts chain in the world, to the smallest local independent and let’s not forget [...]

Lovely pens from Japan!

Lots of lovely Japanese Pens! Tombow-Fudenosuke Brush Broad Tip Pen: Black. Great for calligraphy! Create extra-fine, fine or medium strokes by a change in brush pressure. This pen has dual tips, [...]

Lino Cutter Set

Featuring a new, twist-off end cap for easy cutter storage, these durable, hard plastic lino handles are designed at a higher standard. With a chrome-plated secure chuck system, these handles [...]

Jane Davenport Artomology

Artomology is the name of Jane's new mixed media collection with Spellbinders! Spellbinders are an American Company based in Phoenix, Arizona that have lead the die-cutting field for many years. [...]

INKredible Gouache!

Inkredible… Gouache?! Have you ever had the delight of using an art supply you created yourself? We don’t all get to create our own line of beautiful media like Jane, but you can use [...]

Plan for an Art Filled year!

2017 felt like a big year, right? For me personally it was a BIG year too. Here’s my little checklist: • I created three Online Workshops and edited over 120 videos for them (no wonder my [...]