ArtistCellar stencil sets

Each set has four 6x6 precision cut stencils. Textures: Stencils from the abstracted calligraphic work of Jill K. Berry - from playful symbols to abstracted letters, these designs inspire, [...]

Mega Background Stencil Set

Stencils rock!!! In these mega pack you have THIRTY stencils to create all sorts of fabulous backgrounds and details. There are all manner of organic, geometric, crystal, flowery, swirling, [...]

Art Time watercolours Set 2!

Click here to see the new set: click! A very special JDHQ Exclusive Art Time palette! The 12 hue beautiful ‘Art History’ watercolour palette Swatch and reference card In the video I go through [...]

Hairloween- October prompts!

Hellooooooooo! Hair are the creative prompts for October as we dive into HAIRloween! I hope you join in . If you LOVE Halloween, you can also tie in spooky-ooky elements to your artwork. Use your [...]

Background Stencil Sets

Stencils are FANTASTIC  tools to create interesting, detailed and delicious backgrounds. Spray, paint or dab through them. Use them straight on your surface or in combination with a Gelli [...]

Gorgeous Gel Pens

Gel pens are intended for general writing on smooth paper.... But mixed media artists and art journalers also find them wonderful for adding fine details. The only trouble is, the roller ball [...]

Bunny Pen Rest

This dear ceramic bunny wants to bring comfort to your hard-working pens and brushes! (You can see the rainbow-nibbed Funtain pen in the photo here:

Watercolour pan sets

Make your own watercolor sets! The flat bottom half pans are standard half-pan size (2 x 1.5cm). They are easier to add magnets too as many pans have logos or grooves on the base. The [...]

Posie Palette

This tiny Palette can be filled with your favourite 6 tube watercolours and popped in a handbag for instant creativity! 5.5cm wide. The Posie Palette also has a loop so you can add thread [...]

Empty Art Time Palettes

These empty Art Time palettes are so light! Fill the removeable and moveable pans with your favourite tube watercolour to make a perfectly portable colour set. You can add the optional ArtTime [...]

Pik-Up masking pen remover

Pik-Up. This masking pen and rubber cement eraser is perfect for picking up excess or misplaced rubber cement and removing masking pen fluid! This package contains 2x2 inch eraser. Made in USA.

INKredible® ArtEssentials Full Set

INKredible Inks are a versatile, vibrant, dye-based liquid watercolour!