hello all, a. Dry quick blog to announce the winner for the blog portion of the Journal Celebrtaion giveaway! Tinsel barked a number to me, and the winner is Kandys! We have emailed her and will [...]

Magic Wand Color Chart

Hi Davenpeeps! Here is a fun little color chart I created for your Jane Davenport Magic Wand colored pencils.   jd-magic-wand-color-chart-1 Please adjust scale to 100% before printing. [...]

BIG Giveaway! A Journal worth Celebrating!

In this post I am going to sing praises for the best journals ever 😍 and tell you about two Giveaways! One is on this blog and you can enter today , and the other is on Instagram, so you [...]

Fun with Butterfly Effect Books!

Hi Davenpeeps! I am absolutely loving my JD Butterfly Effect books!  I am currently using three on a regular basis.  I have one set up as a planner, one set up as a faith journal, and one as an [...]

Paint Over Pens – En Plein Air!

  When many of us think about the Jane Davenport supply line we probably think of color – beautiful COLOR! This isn’t surprising, as the color found in Jane’s supply line [...]

Mermaid Marker Color Chart!

Hi Davenpeeps! I created a color reference chart for my Mermaid Markers that fits inside my Butterfly Effect book.  It was fun and easy to create and I love having it in my journal.  Just looking [...]