New Totes ( free shipping – and $5 off for Christmas!)

I am LOVING my Society 6 shop! Especially the tote bags. The 13 x 13 size is my fave for journaling.

At the moment there is free international shipping and $5 off each item!
So I celebrated by adding three new prints:

Frida is an Emotion

Plenty More Fish in the Sea

Beautiful Faces

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Too Much Awesome

Mermalicious-janedavenport-aiy2Ever experienced too much awesome? (If not, well I hope it happens to you some time soon!
And if you do,  well tell me about it in the comments area below – I would love to hear about your awesome!).

‘Too Much Awesome’ (TMA) has me feeling a little edgie, a little manic…
TMA feels a bit like  overwhelm… but I’m not stressed out. I’m feeling exhilarated, but not exhausted.
I have put too much on my plate, but it’s all the good, juicy, healthy stuff that a growing artist needs!

Last week I finished filming my part of ‘Radiant Faces’ and then tumbled headlong into researching Frida Kahlo for ‘Studying Under the Masters’ ( see the side bar for details). I’ll be filming Frida all week. Yep, TMA.

I am just back from two Escape Artist Retreats in Paris, and the Arty Party workshop with Tam Laporte in Brighton and have already  taught two weekend workshops since my return. Bali is next! TMA.


The TMA Weekend

The Art-is-you Aussie Roadshow is over. The highlight was spending time with some of my favourite people in the world . We meet as student and teacher and become friends. This happens in my world a lot! I may have mentioned that I have several superpowers and one of them is attracting awesome people. So it’s little wonder that I feel like I’m at a party with wonderful friends when I teach.  Look at our happy faces!

Mermalicious 001and this is how we spent the weekend:

mermalicious aiy 3 mermalicious aiy 4


I took a little time out on Friday just to play with some new markers I got in America ( yikes! it took me 3 months to get around too unpacking my bags – TMA!).

My mermaids are going through a transformation at the moment… looking a bit saucy!

mermalicious-aiy-3-jane-davenport This sultry siren is enjoying a SEAgar on the seabed… I started her during the mermaid workshop yesterday. Mermalicious-janedavenport-aiy2It also shows a technique I concocted for ‘Mermaid Circus’.

So as soon as I finish filming Frida paintings this week, I put on my Top Hat and get to play Ringmaster for 8 glorious weeks of the workshop I created with Teesha Moore. (You can join us here)

mc logo 3mc logo 4Seriously.

Too. Much. Awesome.



Mermaid Circus opens on Sept 8th – Give-away!

Mermaid Circus is the wildly inspiring online workshop I created with creativity Icon,
Teesha Moore. After many, many requests Teesha and I decided that
Mermaid Circus should roll back into town one last time!
 Over 8 weeks, Teesha and I will present you with a plethora of incredible art projects
and tutorials that celebrate our love of Mermaids and the Circus,  I mean, what a theme right?!
We started filming in Mexico when we were on holiday,
and then continued in Teesha’s studio near Seattle and
finished in my studio overlooking Byron Bay.
The workshop created a huge buzz in the online world because
the artwork this workshop inspired was UH-MAY-ZING.
Teesha and I made sure it was  rich in techniques and creativity.
You also have a Private Group to share your work and 1 year to re-watch
and wring out every last drop of joy from all of the Lessons!
Registration is open now.The workshop starts on September 8th


What you can expect in Mermaid Circus

  • In depth demonstration of how an Artist’s ‘Style’ develops.
  • How to continue developing your own artistic voice.
  • Be endlessly inspired to create your own masterpieces.
  •  Accelerate your way to free expression in your artwork.

Step by step tutorials on

  • Drawing and painting mermaids with Jane Davenport
  • collage and lettering secrets with Teesha Moore
  • composition & color tips
  • journal making
    and much, much more!

Click here to see a little of the beautiful artwork created by participants!

Teesha and I are looking forward to welcoming you to this unique online EVENT.

More info & Register here

8 week online workshop
12 months access

newsletter loopy border
If you attended Mermaid Circus in the first 2 Waves,
why not let everyone know what delight they are in for?!
Leave a comment below!


Would you like to win a spot in the Mermaid Circus?
All you need do is help me get the word out that
‘Mermaid Circus’ is starting on Sept 8th and you want to attend!
Your Blog or on Facebook are perfect places to mention the workshop.
Then you just need to  link to this page.
Leave me a comment with your blog link below, and you are in the running!
You can use the pics from this post for your entry if you like.
Thanks for your help in letting everyone know
and good luck!

Creating a mermaid a day…

My new Art Lesson with Cloth Paper Scissors arrived, and I have been so busy teaching and laughing I didn’t tell you about it!

Art lessons 2014 Vol. 5: Alcohol Markers

” Don’t be timid with permanent markers. Learn to use alcohol markers for amazing results in your mixed-media artwork with this 5th Art Lesson from Jane Davenport….”

My Mermalicious workshop at Donna Downey’s starts today – so there will be many mermaids arriving over the weekend! I’ll be posting the shenanigans on Instagram – find me there as ‘janedavenport’ (Instagram is a phone app – it’s fun, easy and rather awesome!).

To see all the Art Lessons so far: click here



Mermaids and markers. Copic love.

Did you know my first ‘real job’ was as a Fashion illustrator? I even went to Paris to study at the Institute of Fine Arts. Alcohol-based Markers were my weapon of choice because they are clean and quick to work with. I still have my collection, and there is plenty of juice left in most of them. Pantaone Letrasets, Yokens, Shinhans, Chartpaks, Prismacolor markers… some are stinkier than others (Chartpaks = pee-yew!), but its the Copics that reign supreme. The are the least wiffy, the colours are magic and the brush nibs are heaven-in-a-pen. But they have pretty much sat idle for the past few years…

Then along came Adriana Almanzar and her Siren Dreams class. I have admired this talented ladies work for some time. I was tempted, I love mermies! But I am teaching online at 21 Secrets and giving that my all. I was also working on my book, meant to be painting ( there is only 1 painting left in my gallery now! ), plus I am going on my big trip to Paris and Portugal and I am planning it down to the minute. I don’t have time for another class!

But then I found out that Copic markers were a big part of the class. And I buckled! And man alive, am I glad I did. Ady is so generous with her classes. Videos galore! And she creates seriously gorgeous art…she calls her subjects dollies, and in her accent, the word takes on a lustrous importance.

So I have had the videos playing while I was working on my book…ladybirds and mermaids are a surprisingly pleasant on-screen combination. I have set up a mini-studio next to my chair in the media-room. I stocked it with supplies I wasn’t using as much but deserved their place in my hands. My Copics are all prettily lined up. and my second- favourite pencils, Lyra Polycolor, are in work. And while watching a video ( Grand Designs and Angel) or two, I draw. And draw. And draw.

They start off as doodles…just simple random sketches, and build up into mermaids and goddesses…

And here I’ve used my new Copic Ex 4 set – super, super light colours. I like the pastel, bleached by the sun effect I’ve got going on here. My marker techniques from those illustration days are coming back to me, and I am learning lots of new methods from Ady. This Mermie isn’t finished yet, but I thought I would show where I am up to:

You can swing by Ady’s classroom site and watch the free tutorials she has prepared, plus sign up for her classes…I love the way she draws eyeslashes!

Copic marker portrait set is available here: Blick Art Materials
Lyra polycolor pencils available here: Blick Art Materials