Lifebook Blog Hop Winner

Lifebook registration opens soon and I hope you pop in and join from my blog when the time comes!

But in the mean time, Congratulations to Kristin Langlais because she wins a spot in Lifebook 2016. Yay!

“Lifebook has been my oasis in the crazy life I have. I’m constantly catering to others and spending my time doing things for everyone else (which I love. I love being there for my friends and family” but I need to learn to take time for myself. Lifebook always amazes me with it’s community and support and the inspiration it fills me with everyday. I need it for my soul. Thank you for this opportunity!
PS. I’ve been following your instagram and subscribed to your newsletter for a long time! ”




A beautiful new Collection!

Interweave have put together a sweet collection for my book,  Art Lessons and  6 of my favourite watercolours from Daniel Smith!

It was very hard to select only six of my favourite  colours by the way. The range of Daniel Smith Watercolours is HUGE and they are all pretty amazing… but I went with three of the colours I replace most often in my own palette ( Buff Titanium, Moonglow, Sleeping Beauty) and then added three colours that do fancy tricks on the paper.

Cascade Green and Lunar Blue develop into split hues as they dry (you have to experience that  to understand the joy it brings!). And Rhodonite is a pink that you can take from  blush to Flamingo to Mary Quant just just with how much water you use with it.

Watercolour is so , so, so wonderful, and these particular DS watercolors are delicious with a capital D (for Davenpeep, lol!).

  • Buff Titanium
  • Rhodonite Genuine
  • Moonglow
  • Lunar Blue
  • Sleeping Beauty Turquise ( actual crushed turquoise from Sleeping Beauty Mountain – hello!)
  • Cascade Green

I know you may already have my book ( because you are wonderful!) but you could gift it to a special friend.


It’s an amazing, beautiful, sweet Collection!

And the best part is, at retail the Collection is US$ 188
and they are $99 now!

Click here to go see:

Jane Davenport’s Whimsical Faces in Mixed-Media Collection

IF you are in Australia – we have the Daniel Smith Watercolours here: click


JOYnal Give-away and Scholarship!

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.39.36 pmMy next online class is called JOYnal and the excitement is building up in the Facebook group already. We have some great swaps going on and just arty fun in general. One of the things I enjoy most about my life is the communities I bring together. Awesome is probably the most overused word ever, but… well it’s awesome!

JOYnal is all about reconnecting with your playful spirit. When you drew as a child you didn’t worry about talent or the quality of your finished art, you just let your imagination go and tried to keep up with it. Reconnecting with that creative spirit is relaxing and liberating. It unleashes a playful energy that can fill your whole day!

Fun stuff #janedavenportworkshops #JOYnal

Fun stuff #janedavenportworkshops #JOYnal

JOYnal is about to go ‘Live’.

A ‘LIVE’ class simply means a bunch of us get together and start at the beginning! It was suggested I call this type of class a “LIVELY’ class because the community comes alive with so much fun and inspiring energy!
Alumni who have already completed the workshop and brand new JOYnalers are welcome!

  • Live version starts September 1st
  • You then have Forever Access!
  • Australian Dollars: $165 (  aprox 118 USD, 75GBP, 102 EUR)
  • 8 comprehensive Lessons.
Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.39.36 pm
I am setting up 3 people with a Scholarship for JOYnal!
All you need do is join leave a comment here on my Blog about your favourite Fairytale heroine. Mine is Red Riding Hood! You’ll find out why in JOYnal…
If you are already a member of JOYnal, and you are chosen, I have a different prize for you!

To enter you need to post some of your work from JOYnal for friends and family to see on Facebook, Instagram, your Blog or wherever you hang out online. Make sure to mention what you enjoyed most from the workshop. A joy shared is happiness doubled, right?!
Then just report back here on this Blog post so I can seewhat you have been up to.

And the prizes?
How about your choice of three of the incredible Daniel Smith Watercolours from my Dot card collection

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.24.13 pm
AND a set of my favourite Princeton Neptune Watercolour brushes!

neptune brushes set- Jane Davenport  363 TASTEEEEEE!!!


Good luck and I’ll draw the three winners this Friday.



Jane/ Danger

Daniel Smith Feature

I have a feature on the Daniel Smith Site that is all about Buff Titanium. I just visited the site and when I saw my name come up on the front page with a host of fabulous watercolourists, I did let out a yip of delight!

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 9.35.04 amBuff Titanium is one of my most used watercolours. When I look at it mixed in with all the other colours in my Daniel Smith Collection, it stands out for two reasons.

1.  It’s not fancy.

2. The well is always near empty and needing to be refilled ( the other most refilled space in Shadow Violet and Moonglow, just in case you were wondering!)

Anyway, I wrote a whole article about it and its uses for me.

You can visit it here: clickclick-here-Button

You can see my Daniel Smith Watercolour collection in all its glory in my store!


or on Amazon here:

Madly in  love with those magical watercolours!
Jane/ Danger–id-827