Bali Blue Bliss

This post has a little bit of everything in it! There’s lots going on around the Nest…

What keeps me busiest is producing all the new videos and content for ‘Supplies Me’. Hooo Boy, I won’t hold back in telling you it is ‘lookin mighty awesome… Here is a still from the Pastels episodes. Look at those colours… nom, nom, nom.

Feb- jane davenport 214

The peeps that are enrolled in this online workshop are as obsessed with art supplies as I am, so we are having  a fine time ogling rainbows and creating a ton of arty goodness!

You can still join in: click here

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I have also just finished creating my Lesson for Lifebook. This is the fourth session of this wonderful experience and I have been there since the beginning!

Here is a little sneaky peeky of my lesson:
Drawing on the Inner World
Feb- jane davenport 225My lesson goes up in March.
You can still join here: Click here to view more details

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I’ve welcomed 2015 with a ‘bit’ of re-organising in my Studio and Office. I needed more of my favourite colour exposed. I call this particular shade of light aqua ‘Bali Blue’ because it’s the colour of tropical water over white sand. It lives right between turquoise and mint. (My mother collects blue glass objects, so maybe I got this particular obsession with my favourite colour from her? )

Last Christmas I painted an old desk in this delish colour. It has been in my studio looking divine, but I moved it up to my office. One of my aims this year is to stand up more while I am working, so Angus made two plinths for the table to stand on to bring it up to bench height.

I need some storage under there, so I decided that this old Alex set of drawers from Ikea would be ideal. But they just didn’t look right. they need some Bali Blue. So I mentally whinged about all the prep work needed to paint it.

Feb- jane davenport 217And then this arrived! It’s really wide washy tape and in ‘my’ blue!  I always order a few cute washi tapes in for the store as little pressies for my customers, and this snuck it’s way in to the parcels… and arrived as I was pondering the drawers.

Feb- jane davenport 219

So I decided to put the two together and see if magic would happen!

Feb- jane davenport 215 Feb- jane davenport 216and I love it! Feb- jane davenport 220

I ordered more and got some extra for the shop too, just in case you want to try it out.

click here

I’ll show you pics of everything when I’m done!

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I will leave you on this sunny day with some pics of my doglettes.
The swell has been big and we all go with Angus on his ‘surfin safaris.

Tinsel and Gesso are Pomeranians and Moo is a ‘Lhasa Moodle ‘ ( Lhasa Apso dad, Maltese/Poodle mum).
They are such good girls when we go for a walk. I love being part of the pack!Feb- jane davenport 222

This is Tinsel. She is such a little princess.
She has finally accepted that the puppy is here to stay.
Everyone pretends to obey her.

Feb- jane davenport 223Here is Gesso the Great.
What a top little dog she is. So bright and affectionate.
She dances around on her hind legs, loves watermelon and sleeps on my desk while I work.
When I do yoga and am in a resting pose she sits on my head .

Feb- jane davenport 224So that is all my news for today!



Hang out with people you can easily adore

I had my first ‘Mentor Retreat’ this weekend. My intention with this new type of event, was to have a small group, so we could really hang out all weekend, relaxing and doing art. We could craft dreams and art-wishes and I could put my years of experience to great use.

Here we are having dinner at Miss Margarita’s in Byron Bay. Laurie Caradonna, Denise Noney and Coral Lee. Each one a talented artist!


‘The Mentorees’ stayed in the newly finished guesthouse. We call that space the Sanctuary… and it really is just that. A haven. Especially with the huge wooden table we have that can comfortably fit a fair few artists all making a mess!


We worked in several places all around the Nest, catching the breezes. From my Studio, to the front deck at sunset. I made a big  outside lounge area next to the art tables full of supplies.

mentor-jane-davenport-awesomeI found a little illuminated sign that you can customise with your own message. I planned on ‘Welcome to the Nest!’….guess who set this one up for me? Angus told me it was very difficult to change, but maybe that’s just his way of making sure it stays like this.

It’s definitely a  true statement, so I think I should leave it don’t you?



Early on Saturday morning my beautiful yoga instructor Kathy Quinn arrived and everyone got a chance to stretch and breathe. Moving under the trees and stepping out of ‘real life’. Kathy teaches so gently and never pushes anyone beyond their comfort zone. I have found that yoga has made such a difference to my own life, and I like to share this gift of breathe with others.


And it definitely worked because the artwork that flowed for our two days was fabulous!
IMG_8346 mentor-jane-davenport-lauriecaradonna IMG_8348 IMG_8344We covered a lot of ground in the lessons, and also chatted a lot about an artful life, and being a professional artist and teacher.

These three girls are set to do amazing things with their art, and I will be cheering them on! What a wonderful thing it is to be part of another person’s journey. Especially their creative journey. It’s a connection that lasts beyond the time we spend together. I cherish seeing friendships form in my classrooms , be they digital, or real-world.

I even got a little chance to start on some artwork myself!

My ‘EPIC’ pen ( gets better and better and better) and coloured pencils ( prismas of course!). mentor-jane-davenport-sketch

( coloured Pencils and MEPXY markers – loving them so much I am adding them to our store!)

I loved sharing my space with easy-to-adore people. And my little doglettes loved it too.
( as you can see from the pic, Tinsel still keeps a close eye on the pup. Gesso will be bigger than her soon, so Tinsel is doing her best to show her who is the second in command now!Moo is the oldest, biggest, quietest and the boss, and she loves having a ‘pack’. )
doglettes- jane davenport 213I hope you have some easy-to-adore people in your life that you hang out with this week!



Supplies Me Live – only weeks away!

January 5th:
Art supply addicts around the world, unite.

cb6972c0-e420-4d04-81f7-f7f8e947c0b9‘Supplies Me!’ was the first stand-alone e-course that I created and it’s primary goal has always been to release you from any confusion or overwhelm you have with your supplies. I designed it so you could discover the art materials that work best for you and your emerging style.

supplies me logo

“The best value art supply you will ever find.”

I recommend all my students start with this workshop because it develops confidence in your art by mastering your supplies. When we are covering more challenging aspects in my other workshops, drawing fairies feet or a mermaids uplifted face for example, I don’t want part of your mind worrying about what you are going to use to create it. ‘Supplies Me!’ aims to get you feeling like the ‘boss’ of your paints and pencils.

The basics on drawing whimsical faces and figures is also part of the wonderful experience as well as shading, blending, colour selection, backgrounds, drawing hair, eyes; the list goes on. ‘Supplies Me!’ is perfect for a newbie or anyone who hasn’t been in contact with their art for a while.

 ‘Supplies Me!’ will be running as a Live Class in a new classroom starting on January 5th. All past, current and new members are invited to participate. You watch the Lessons when it suits you. You can join the light, positive and inspiring social interaction in our private forum and Facebook group and share your artwork.

For those that have never taken a workshop with me, or have done ‘Draw Happy’ and are hesitating to take the leap to the next level, then I’m hoping the following news gives you a little nudge in the right direction.

For more info and to register you can

click-here-ButtonWorkshop-logo--supplies-Me-headerI am pleased to announce a very limited,

20% off  ‘Supplies Me!’
Use the code:

With this special discount you pay just 100AUD

p.s the Australian Dollar is the weakest it’s been for a while,
so that makes all my workshops much cheaper
ie: 82USD, £52 or €70.

So I’m hoping this great price encourages you to pop
‘Supplies Me!’ in your own or a loved one’s Christmas stocking!

(You simply enter the code as you check out as we can’t refund the discount.
This Promotion runs from 16th Dec and expires on Jan 5th.)


The ‘Supplies Me!’ GIVE-AWAY

To celebrate the workshop moving to it’s new home I have created a HUGE package of my favourite Art Supplies for one lucky person!

  • A signed copy of my brand new book,
  • A space in the ‘Supplies Me!’ Online Workshop.
  • An epic Carbon Pen and refills
  • Strathmore Mixed Media Art Journal,
  • Liquitex Gesso ( not to be confused with my puppy called Gesso!),
  • 6 of my favourite Matte Acrylic Ceramcoat and Ranger Paints,
  • My new set of Prismacolour pencils,
  • A Jane Davenport Signature set of Peerless Watercolours,
  • Jane Davenport Faces stencils,
  • Dye-na-Flow Exciter Pack,
  • Tombow marker set
  • 6 Aquash waterbrushes,
  • White Sharpie Paint Pen,
  • Light Portrait Zig Paint marker set,
  • Sharpie white Ex Fine pen,
  • China markers in black and white
  • Daubers in Neon Pink and Red Royal ( perfect for painting lips!).
  • All packed up in one of my fantastic tote bags!
To be in the running to receive this AWESOME starter kit,
all you need do is purchase the ‘Supplies Me!’ workshop before January 5th.

The winner will receive all these goodies and their registration fee refunded.
Drawn on January 6th.

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Existing members!
Don’t forget we now have Lifetime Access!
I really wanted to give a heart felt ‘Thank you’ to everyone who has joined one of my workshops since I started this wild adventure 3 years ago. The joy and happiness it brings me to see all the wonderful artwork created and friendships made in my Art School is immeasurable.

If you are an existing member of ‘Supplies Me!’ then full details of the Lifetime Access is under the ‘NEWS’ tab in our Jane Davenport Art School. You don’t need to do a thing – you just keep enjoying the workshops you have enrolled in as usual – forever!

Rambling to an Artsy end of year.

This year has been a really busy one for me, and now, as the calendar approaches the end of the year, it usually gets even busier. But I changed things up.

I made this plan back in January. I declared October as a ‘month off’. A time to hang out a bit more with no travel. I love travel, but it is intrusive right? So just being in my own space and consciously enjoying it was a delight that I let spread into November.  I feel  calm, relaxed and peaceful. I have made more time for art, friends and just ‘being’.

On the other hand, I have never seen Angus busier! Usually I’m the one racing around doing 50 things at once, but with the new building, a lawn mower, planting trees and a very popular store, he is flat out! While he is painting, planting and posting  I keep him company. Holding the wheelbarrow or making a cup of tea and chatting. It’s nice. I feel so grounded and thankful.

I made time to reorganise my studio, my office and bedroom drawers. Things that have been niggling at me for ages. Then I re-filmed all of my workshop invitation/showreels. That felt GOOD. Then I completely refilmed Draw Happy. That felt SUPER GOOD. And now I just started re-filming and re-organising ‘SUPPLIES ME! for the live class in January. Taking my time with it.

I realised something about myself this year. I get stuff that matters to me, done.
No matter what.
So I don’t feel so rushed or pressured anymore.

I wrote a book for a major publisher; Now I have it in my hands. I created a year of Art Lessons for Cloth Paper Scissors; The last one is about to be released. I hosted Art retreats  in Paris. I met art heroes and forged friendships. I am TRUSTING how capable I am. And that brings me  into a zone of freedom without the constant undercurrent  hum of ‘cripes-i-can’t-get-everything-done’ panic.
I want to make sure it lasts.

So, in amongst savouring the planning of new workshops, relishing signing my books and mindfully prepping for my new puppy ( I’ve been waiting 2 years and she arrives tomorrow – eeeeeeeeee!), I’m lovingly celebrating an amazing year by creating my own  Christmas decorations. Each one is for a specific family member. Each one from a different tutorial of Artsy Ornaments.

I LOVED making Christmas Tree decorations as a kid – and my darling Mum kept all the goofiest ones I made ( I’ll have to get a photo of the Australian themed ones – hilarious!).  A few less survive each year, but they make their way from the decorations box and on to the tree. It’s time to add a few new ones and create some heirlooms for my little  nieces and nephews from Aunty Jane.


ArtsyOrnamentsWorkshop_2014Join myself  and Christy Tomlinson, Margie Romney-Aslett, Chrissy Gardner, Limor Webber, Dyan Reaveley, Misty Mawn, Effy Wild, Jenny Wentworth, Mindy Lacefield, Julie Fei- Fan Balzer and Tamara Laporte  in a wonderful celebration!


 I created a tutorial on ‘Festive Fairies’! Cute, yes?

Jane Davenport-1 184 Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 9.56.54 amI hope you are approaching the end of the year at a manageable pace. And if you need to savour the moments a little more, come and make some artsy ornaments with me.


Jane/ Danger

This workshop is open for an ENTIRE year! You can access the material, night or day.. from any computer.. for an entire year. The Class is NOT live, so you won’t miss a thing if you can’t be there right when it starts. You can watch the workshop at your own pace, in your pjs if you want!

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