Daniel Smith Feature

I have a feature on the Daniel Smith Site that is all about Buff Titanium. I just visited the site and when I saw my name come up on the front page with a host of fabulous watercolourists, I did let out a yip of delight!

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 9.35.04 amBuff Titanium is one of my most used watercolours. When I look at it mixed in with all the other colours in my Daniel Smith Collection, it stands out for two reasons.

1.  It’s not fancy.

2. The well is always near empty and needing to be refilled ( the other most refilled space in Shadow Violet and Moonglow, just in case you were wondering!)

Anyway, I wrote a whole article about it and its uses for me.

You can visit it here: clickclick-here-Button

You can see my Daniel Smith Watercolour collection in all its glory in my store!


or on Amazon here:

Madly in  love with those magical watercolours!
Jane/ Danger


New Art Video for the Documented Life Project

I am one of the invited guest artists for The Documented Life Project.

DLP eyes- jane davenport 365The theme for the Project is this month is:

Expressive Faces

and the Journal Prompt this week is:

I can see clearly now

DLP eyes- jane davenport 362The story:

These are the journal pages that I had fun creating as I considered the prompt. I took the turmoils of a disjointed, random, messy background and bought focus to it. There were a few mis-steps along the way, a few alterations to my direction, some changes, but as I created things became clearer and more distinct. I love it when I can see my artwork emerging from the mysterious mists of imagination where it all starts, and forming edges and boundaries and shape.

i don’t tend to include much dialogue or text in my journal pages. The inner expression comes out in my art. In this case I received a clear message: the calm face looking out at me has a touch of concern in her eyes. She seems to be saying ‘Take stock of where you are now. Enjoy the moment. Look at the joy around you with clear vision.’ In the chaos and colour of life, you can always find your focus. That is what Eye can see clearly now.

About the process:

In a large hand made journal I started with a random background that was just sitting in there, waiting for such an occasion! I like to use up leftover paint and collage ephemera on random pages in my journals, so I have a little bank of backgrounds already started when I need them.
I used colour pencil to draw out the face amongst the paint and collage.
For the rest, I documented the whole process in the following video!

it shows the  new way I have been shading eyes. ( I’m always playing with my style!).

This video is about how these pages came together.
‘Eye Can see Clearly now’ – Jane Davenport


DLP eyes- jane davenport 364 DLP eyes- jane davenport 363   SUPPLIES I USED:
Prismacolor Pencils ( Dark Brown)
White China Marker
Pigma Professional Brush
Circular template
Schmincke watercolours – Jane Davenport set
Quill Neptune watercolour brush from Princeton in Size 4

DLP eyes- jane davenport 361 Thank you for joining me here to celebrate the fun of the Documented Life Project! And thank you to the girls from Art to the 5th for inviting me along.

For more examples and full instructions on how I draw my expressive faces you can join me in some of my in- depth online workshops.

The best starting point is ‘Supplies Me’. It is my Foundation Class and holds the basics for face and figure drawing as well as a slew of techniques with a wide variety of art supplies.

You can purchase signed copies of my book here:

or from Amazon here:

For more info on the Documented Life Project: click

I hope you join me in creating some expressive eyes!DLP eyes- jane davenport 360



Your Favourite Colour (and giveaway!)

I’m curious to know what your favourite colour is and why and I have a giveaway to encourage you to share!

Mine is pretty easy to guess! I like to call ‘my’ particular shade of aquamarine/ turquoise ‘Bali Blue’.
It reminds me of tropical ocean on white sand… I find it refreshing, relaxing and uplifting.

This is my Daybed strewn with all shades of blue, but an emphasis  on the aqua.

favourite colours- jane davenport 384  This is me strewn on the daybed!favourite colours- jane davenport 375 favourite colours- jane davenport 377But its everywhere in my studio, from the washi forest (which continues to grow): favourite colours- jane davenport 378to my magical throne and bookcase made from old window shutters favourite colours- jane davenport 379 It’s even in the water!favourite colours- jane davenport 385 And on me. I fell in love with this  necklace at the Bangalow Markets. I love being able to chat with the person who made the things I cherish.favourite colours- jane davenport 386 In my hands:favourite colours- jane davenport 389favourite colours- jane davenport 387 Under my feet:favourite colours- jane davenport 388


I use it in my artwork of course, and in my websites.  It’s a major feature on my book cover.  So back to the Give-away!

Leave me a message on what your fave colour is and why.

That will put you in the running for a signed copy of my book and a seat in the  Mutual Admiration Society  with Donna Downey and I.  We are big believers in utilising your favourite colours while you are creating your art!

mas-banner-2.jpgYou see us in action and hear us discussing why in our  collaboration in the Mutual Admiration Society ( the logo for which I designed with my fave colour – naturally!)


If you are already a member of the MAS or have my book, leave a comment anyway and if your name is drawn, I’ll come up with a little lovely arty something for you! In my favourite colour… lol!

favourite colours- jane davenport 390


Jane/ Danger

Watercolour wishes

It’s the last week of filming for the all new ‘Supplies Me’ I have really enjoyed revamping the whole workshop. It was the first stand-alone ecourse I ever created, and I really wanted to dig back in there and update it all.  Mission accomplished! Well nearly. Just the last few videos for Watercolours are left for me to finalise.

I really enjoy the filming and editing process. I am completely in charge of every aspect. This is the young lady who washed out of my paintbrushes this afternoon.This is what I'm serving up as my final lesson in 'Supplies Me'.     . Next videos will be for 'Beautiful Faces'!

I start filming Beautiful Faces next week. Well, lots of it was filmed when I created the book, but I do have extra things I want to add. I really do have fun with this whole process. I get really excited about my lesson plans, and how to best present my ideas  to inspire my students. I like untangling really, really tricky techniques and making them achievable. I love that I can help so many other people with their creative confidence in this way. It’s fun!

And I REALLY get fist-pumping jazzed when I create something on camera that really resonates with me. This girl was talking to me non-stop as I created her.

I’ve been working on my own set of Schminke watercolours.  I just love their 1/2 pans. The paint is so rich and intense!  I have handpicked the colours – and they are a divine mix. I just love the robust, lush pigment load I get in each brushstroke. And the flesh tones I can create… ai ai ai!

schmincke watercolour--jane davenport 229

I’m crushing on my new Neptune paintbrushes too.  They are up there with my terribly fancy Kolinsky sable brushes.  I got a few to try them out, and was so impressed I ordered the whole collection for myself and the store!

I can’t keep away from my Daniel Smith watercolours (and why would I even try too – lol!). They make me a little weak at the knees. They do such strange, beautiful things and I already know I won’t stop until I have all their colours. I know I don’t NEED them all. But I don’t want to miss out on anything.

Some people love jewellery and lovely shoes. I am happiest relishing in my artists materials ( plus Monster High dolls, but let’s not start that conversation).

I am taking the day off tomorrow and just hanging on my front deck and playing with watercolours all day. Donna Downey and her hubby Bill are staying with me, so she will appear at some point once recovered from the looooong flight. It’s so cool hanging out with an art buddy. I can’t wait. I am going to dream of watercolours!





Strathmore Watercolour journal

Neptune brushes
Jane Davenport Selection Schmincke Watercolours
Supplies Me
Beautiful Faces
Daniel Smith Watercolours – Seniors Art Supply usually stock the full range of Daniel Smith. I LOVE Kyanite, Moonglow and Shadow Violet.

Bali Blue Bliss

This post has a little bit of everything in it! There’s lots going on around the Nest…

What keeps me busiest is producing all the new videos and content for ‘Supplies Me’. Hooo Boy, I won’t hold back in telling you it is ‘lookin mighty awesome… Here is a still from the Pastels episodes. Look at those colours… nom, nom, nom.

Feb- jane davenport 214

The peeps that are enrolled in this online workshop are as obsessed with art supplies as I am, so we are having  a fine time ogling rainbows and creating a ton of arty goodness!

You can still join in: click here

newsletter dots

I have also just finished creating my Lesson for Lifebook. This is the fourth session of this wonderful experience and I have been there since the beginning!

Here is a little sneaky peeky of my lesson:
Drawing on the Inner World
Feb- jane davenport 225My lesson goes up in March.
You can still join here: Click here to view more details

newsletter dots

I’ve welcomed 2015 with a ‘bit’ of re-organising in my Studio and Office. I needed more of my favourite colour exposed. I call this particular shade of light aqua ‘Bali Blue’ because it’s the colour of tropical water over white sand. It lives right between turquoise and mint. (My mother collects blue glass objects, so maybe I got this particular obsession with my favourite colour from her? )

Last Christmas I painted an old desk in this delish colour. It has been in my studio looking divine, but I moved it up to my office. One of my aims this year is to stand up more while I am working, so Angus made two plinths for the table to stand on to bring it up to bench height.

I need some storage under there, so I decided that this old Alex set of drawers from Ikea would be ideal. But they just didn’t look right. they need some Bali Blue. So I mentally whinged about all the prep work needed to paint it.

Feb- jane davenport 217And then this arrived! It’s really wide washy tape and in ‘my’ blue!  I always order a few cute washi tapes in for the store as little pressies for my customers, and this snuck it’s way in to the parcels… and arrived as I was pondering the drawers.

Feb- jane davenport 219

So I decided to put the two together and see if magic would happen!

Feb- jane davenport 215 Feb- jane davenport 216and I love it! Feb- jane davenport 220

I ordered more and got some extra for the shop too, just in case you want to try it out.

click here

I’ll show you pics of everything when I’m done!

newsletter dots
I will leave you on this sunny day with some pics of my doglettes.
The swell has been big and we all go with Angus on his ‘surfin safaris.

Tinsel and Gesso are Pomeranians and Moo is a ‘Lhasa Moodle ‘ ( Lhasa Apso dad, Maltese/Poodle mum).
They are such good girls when we go for a walk. I love being part of the pack!Feb- jane davenport 222

This is Tinsel. She is such a little princess.
She has finally accepted that the puppy is here to stay.
Everyone pretends to obey her.

Feb- jane davenport 223Here is Gesso the Great.
What a top little dog she is. So bright and affectionate.
She dances around on her hind legs, loves watermelon and sleeps on my desk while I work.
When I do yoga and am in a resting pose she sits on my head .

Feb- jane davenport 224So that is all my news for today!