Escape Artists, Mermaids and Girlimals in Paris!

image image image imageMy first Escape Artist Retreat in Paris has been action packed and rather unbelievable! Even unseasonal precipitation could’nt dampen our spirits. As Dolly Parton said “if you want rainbows, you have to put up with the rain!”. It sure makes you appreciate the sunshine!

I’ll do a blow by blow post later ( when I have a minute next before my second awesome group of Escape Artists arrives the next week!).

But for now I wanted to share the mermaids we have been creating, and more than a few girlimals too!

my Escape Artists each brought their own styles and worked very hard to fill their journals with gorgeous art. I was delighted and so were they!

Artists from above:

Jane Carlisle, Geri McLeod, Renelde Napoli, Susan Elliot.

Artists Below:

Geri McLeod, Susan Elliot, Diana Rast, Susan Goodall, Janet Howard, Renelde Napoli, Pam Beauchesne, Jessica Guthrie, Janet Howard and Bex











This is just the tip of the art- berg! We created so much…

image image

If you want to come and draw Mermaids and Girlimals with me this year, the next available opportunities are:
August 16 (NSW) and August 30th (QLD): Girlimals –
August 17 (NSW) and August 31st (QLD): Mermalicious –

Register QLD –
Register NSW –

And at ‘The Nest’, my studio overlooking Byron Bay in October ( 2 spaces left. Look under ‘retreats’ for details.)

I am going to get back to my holiday in Bordeaux now- Bonsoir mes amies! ( pardon my French!).
Jane/ Danger

Exciting tomorrow!

Stay tuned for news of a new workshop I’ll be announcing tomorrow – plus  a spot to


Im in Ghuangzhou China on a stopover en route to Paris… There’s no Facebook access… And I’m missing it! Thank goodness for Instagram so I can keep sharing things with you!

agnus and I are having a great time shopping away and seeing life at a different pace. We just had the best dim sum! Lovely with a cold beer- it’s 33 degrees here and very humid so we needed the break.


The mid way point

It’s the middle of the year already. Yes, really. So It’s a good time to take a gander at what has been going on in 2014 and what’s to come.

I was entrenched in creating my book when 2014 kicked off.  And with final design reviews and cover choices all just settled, I have just waved my book-child goodbye as it heads off to be printed and  then on to make it’s own way in life  (It’s due out in January 2015, and yes, it is aaaawesome! Just sayin…. lol!)

My reward for the book was an action-packed trip to the USA, which was so amazing that I have already made my plans for a repeat performance in 2015! Next time with 2 weeks in Mexico for workshops that are so exciting I can’t think about them too much yet.

wolf lane

look how tiny Mandy is under the huge Sea Dragon!

I hit home and was almost off to Perth straight away to visit my parents.  My friend Mandy took me to Wolf Lane – a hidden gem! It is full of incredible Street Art on the buildings – HUGE. I also saw my Mothers Fashion Walk of Fame plaque on King Street. Wolf Lane used to be Perth’s fashion manufacturing zone. I grew up playing hide and seek amongst fabric rolls and racks of freshly made clothes!

While I was in Perth, I had a look through the family photo albums and had time to reflect on all the beautiful people I have  in my life.  Look at my cute Granny in her pink dress! And the way my Mum and Dad are so happy on their wedding day.  That bottom pic shows 4 generations and my black fluffy hair is HILARIOUS!granny-jane davenportPhew! In between all my major commitments, I have been preparing all my Art Lessons for Cloth Paper Scissors,  overseeing this new site and caring for all my students in my Online Workshops. I also made a commitment to myself to go through all my online Workshops in depth and review each one.  JOYnal, Express Yourself and Frolicaholic have all been re-edited this year. It’s an intense process for me, but I enjoy it! I think Supplies Me will be up next for a Live version ( What do you think?).

…aaaaahhh… a pretty fun year so far, but there is so much more to come! Escape Artist retreats in Paris, Bali and Christy Tomlinson coming to stay with me…  and did I tell you I have a weekend workshop at my place  on October 18 and 19. It’s the first opportunity I have to have one here!retreats The NEst

My big revelation for this year has been how good I have become at organising to my strengths. I seem to have unlocked the key to scheduling myself. Or maybe it’s just that I now trust in my own ability to do epic shit? lol!

I think scheduling in my rewards (workshops with other artists) and exercising every day have been two key factors. These two things give me ‘hard edges’ that I can work up to. The reward workshops give me mini-deadlines ( things to do before I go away always get’s me moving through to-do lists!).  The exercise keeps me on track each day as the day divides into things to do before yoga, and after! Plus, hello, exercise is good for you of course.

The other part of the super-productivity equation is working with my husband, Angus. He really takes care of me every day and keeps me laughing, loved and happy. He even does yoga with me, even though it’s not really his ‘thing’. But now that it has improved his surfing, he secretly loves it!

That’s my musings for today anyway!

So let me know which of my online Workshops you think i should run ‘Live’ next!


Jane/ Danger

and the winner is….!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback and positive energy for my new site. Everyone involved worked so very hard on making it the lovely and colorful creature you see before you!

So on to the next fun part! Selecting a winner….drum roll please…

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 1.58.49 pmAnd our winner is:

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 2.01.53 pm Congratulations Cheryl Razmus!
Your prize will be the next class I organise Cheryl seeing as you have done all my other ones!

Which makes me think, what will be my next class?

At the moment we are mid-way through the ‘Live’ version of Frolicaholic.
But I am thinking that I will run ‘Supplies Me’ as a Live class when I get back from Paris in August.

Sounds like fun, yes?

Blog Party & moving beyond ‘Done is better than perfect’.

I love my new website, so help me celebrate with a workshop giveaway!blog-party-Newsletter-special-offer

Usually I have to do everything in regards to graphics of my websites.  For someone not trained in this and not really having more than a rudimentary understanding of code, it has always been a big effort. I like to overhaul my site every few years and in between I give everything a really good spruce up.  It usually takes me a few weeks, a lot of frustration, but eventually I get to a point where I like everything enough to say “Done”!

Well during the last spring clean, I must have clicked all the wrong buttons because I messed my site up good and proper.  I looked at it, gnashed my teeth, shed a tear or two and thought “I need help!”.  So I really started to look for that special someone.  Call in the experts.  I wanted to move beyond ‘Done is better than perfect’.

Jo Klima from The Darling Tree is a wonderful designer and runs an online workshop called ‘My Darling Blog’.  I did that workshop to help me with my last big refresh a few years ago (and I totally recommend it!).  I know she has a pretty full dance card, but I contacted her regardless.  And what do you know, she lives just up the coast from me!  She popped down to Byron Bay and we chatted about my site.

One of the first things she asked me was “How far do you want to go?”.
“uuuuuum… all the way I guess.  What do you have in mind?”.
And sitting at my kitchen table, all long legs and honesty, Jo said ” your logo and store name needs to be changed and the ladybirds have to go.”
You know that feeling where you feel like there was meant to be a step and their wasn’t and you feel like you are stepping off into space? That is how I felt.
Planets collided in my brain.
“….but…but… I love my logo… I …wait.. I love ladybirds… uuummm… eeeerrr….  let me think… I need a cup of tea”.  Because in my mind I could instantly see she was right.

I had grown away from my old logo.  And the ‘Institute of Cute’ store name  was perfect for my bricks and mortar gallery in Byron Bay, but doesn’t reflect where I am now.  And ladybirds… well I haven’t photographed a ladybird since I was in Monet’s Garden and that was three years ago.


I already knew Jo’s design work was pretty darn amazing.  So I let go of control  and let her help me.   Sometimes it was HARD.  My skin would prickle. I had a few sleepless nights.  But, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

As soon as she showed me her logo ideas, I was enchanted.  I could have gone with any of them. And the rest just flowed from there. I had plenty of input of course, but I was completely AMAZED at how much I got out of her way.


All I had to do was remind myself this that I was safe.  I picked Jo because I love her work.  I gave this process plenty of time.  It cost a pretty penny, but it was worth every one of them.  The most amazing part was how much I learned from her designs.  Having an expert design standard has put my mind at ease when I need to create a graphic.  I have parameters and don’t need to re-invent the wheel everytime!

Eventually, all the design work was created, Lisa from New Sprout coded the whole thing.  Now I have a website that looks AWESOME and is so much easier to manage from behind the scenes.  SO much EASE-ier. Oh man.  It’s such a happy and beautiful place for me to visit. I hope you feel that way too.

So now it’s over to you and the celebration part!

Tcomments-splashell me what you think of the new site, and let me know which one of my online workshops you would most like to do and why. If you have done all my workshops, I’ll think of another prize for you… something awesome!
So leave your comment and let me know!


Designed by The Darling Tree.

Developed by Sprout New Media.