Too Much Awesome

Ever experienced too much awesome? (If not, well I hope it happens to you some time soon! And if you do,  well tell me about it in the comments area below – I would love to hear about your [...]

What a woman!

I currently have no power in my house. After a big storm front hit, the whole area is out. This is bad timing because I have been researching one of my favourite artists for the past week and I [...]

My book is listed for pre-order on Amazon!

Drawing & Painting Beautiful Faces : A Mixed Media Portrait Workshop is due out Feb 2015! i don’t  know if I feel faint from the flu I have, or swooning a little about the book… [...]

Mermaid Circus opens on Sept 8th – Give-away!

Mermaid Circus is the wildly inspiring online workshop I created with creativity Icon, Teesha Moore. After many, many requests Teesha and I decided that Mermaid Circus should roll back into town [...]

Confession and a minor Art Miracle

I love traveling and discovering new places, rediscovering new haunts, trying new dishes and spending time with wonderful people. But the reverse jetlag I get when I arrive home KICKS MY BUTT! [...]

Escape Artists, Mermaids and Girlimals in Paris!

My first Escape Artist Retreat in Paris has been action packed and rather unbelievable! Even unseasonal precipitation could’nt dampen our spirits. As Dolly Parton said “if you want [...]

Exciting tomorrow!

Stay tuned for news of a new workshop I’ll be announcing tomorrow – plus  a spot to giveaway! Im in Ghuangzhou China on a stopover en route to Paris… There’s no Facebook [...]

The mid way point

It’s the middle of the year already. Yes, really. So It’s a good time to take a gander at what has been going on in 2014 and what’s to come. I was entrenched in creating my book [...]

and the winner is….!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback and positive energy for my new site. Everyone involved worked so very hard on making it the lovely and colorful creature you see before you! So on [...]

Blog Party & moving beyond ‘Done is better than perfect’.

I love my new website, so help me celebrate with a workshop giveaway! Usually I have to do everything in regards to graphics of my websites.  For someone not trained in this and not really having [...]

Frolicaholic Fun!

I just had to share some of the gorgeous artwork my eyes have been blessed with so far during Frolicaholic!   You can still join in the fun if you want! click here for the details   [...]

Collaboration Celebration

Over the past few weeks I have participated in two wonderful collaborations. As an artist who works on my own most of the time, I love a collab! The wonderful 21 Secrets Live had me drawing faces [...]

My USA workshops!

Details: click here I am teaching three Workshops at Art is You in Dixie. It’s my very first time going to and teaching at such a big Art Event and I can’t wait! There are SO many [...]

Journal making with the kids

I just spent a joyous few days with my dear little nephews and niece. The big news with them is they got a little bunny each. It’s so cute watching the way they cuddle and look after them. [...]

Cover Girl – Pages Art Journal Magazine

I created a fun little Journal for Pages Art Journaling magazine by Cloth Paper Scissors – it’s all about drawing hair. It’s a great issue, some lovely articles and ideas I want [...]

Thank You 2013, Hello 2014

On Christmas Day I planned a little activity while others enjoyed the traditional post-feast nap ( I’m not a napper!). Angus helped me with my plan before the big day by moving my subjects [...]

Express Yourself goes Live Feb 3rd

 Live class starts February 3rd. Express Yourself : dRaw Emotion This Online Drawing Workshop shows exactly how I get expression and feeling into my artwork.   Express Yourself is an [...]

Rainforest Rescue and DVD offer

I contribute regularly to a few favoured charities and one of them is Rainforest Rescue. Amongst their projects they purchase land designated for development in the Daintree Rainforest and [...]

A letter to my Blog

Dear Blog, I went to  The Blogcademy to learn more about you and your inner workings this weekend. It was led by three stylish headmistresses,  Nubby Twiglet,  Kat Williams of Rock and Roll Bride [...]

Lucky Girl

There are two things that i know for a fact from experience: 1. I am a lucky Lady. 2. You make your own luck. …………… I am feeling very lucky today having received a [...]

And the Scholarships go to….

You would think that I was going to say how difficult this was. Deciding amongst over 200 stories of brilliantly shining dreams?  But it has been a joy. A wild delight to read each and every [...]

Print & Scan Scholarship

Rather than a give-away, I am offering a Scholarship for one position in my new Workshop, Print & Scan. All you need to do is tell me your dreams for your art. The things that whisper to you. [...]

Print and Scan – the first in my Professional Development Series

Oh, how I wish there was an online class that delivered what I have planned back when I was trying to figure all this overwhelming stuff out at the beginning of my career as a Professional [...]

Doodling at Dawn

Dawn De vries Sokol has created another charming book to loosen up the drawing muscles!  I am having a giveaway of a signed copy of the book. And at Dawn’s blog ( [...]


The Blog Hop has been Stencasional! And now it’s my turn to WOW you… I can draw. I love drawing! But even a  confident ‘drawer’ can find fun in stencils. Especially in the [...]

Stencil Hop -skip- jump!

When I was in Bali at my Escape Artist Retreat, we had an advance set of my new face stencils to play with! I saw some fab artwork come to life. This series shows a beautiful mermaid that Diana [...]

JOYnal LiVE! starts Monday Sept 30th

When I created my JOYnal Workshop, I was high as a kite on the adrenalin of looking for our ‘Dream Home’. I was prepared for the process to take years. But the week after I launched [...]

Blog Bonanza kicks off this weekend!

The Blog Hop for my New Stencil Series starts this week… Giveaways and awesome art will abound! Here’s a sneak peek… Remember how quickly the first set kept selling out at? You [...]

LifeBook 2014 give-away!

I have a spot to give away for LifeBook 2014. Just make sure you are signed up to my Newsletter List ( see sidebar) and leave a comment below telling me what you love about online learning. [...]